Wave Blast Max Steel 1
Wave Blast Max Steel is one of Max Steel's action figures released in the second wave of action figures. It is a part of both Connect-Tek and Turbo-Warriors sublines.


  • Wave Blast Max Steel VS Mutant Claw Toxzon: When Mutant Claw Toxzon shows up, Wave Blast Max Steel goes into action with his double missiles to save the day!

Official Description

"Wave Blast Max is ready to go totally “Turbo-ular” and crush the villains! Wave Blast Max comes with a specially designed hoverboard in traditional “Turbo-ular” format with a twist: two side panels expand to reveal two projectiles for awesome Turbo action on land, air or sea! The board can also be attached to the back of Max to engage the flying mode Includes Wave Blast Max figure, hoverboard and two projectiles. Colors and decorations may vary."


Max wears a sleveless dark blue wetsuit with a green transparent logo with the shape of the letter M on his chest, silver markings on his abdomen. His back is also green. He comes with one accessory and has twelve points of articulation.

He comes with a green and grey surfboard that can launch a pair of projectiles and has two pegs on it so Max can stand. It can be also stored on Max's back.



  • The design of this action figure is heavily inspired by Surf Attack Max Steel, an action figure released in 1999.
  • It was relaunched in the 2018 toy line.
  • Even though that this figure was unveiled in the first half of 2017, he was released in the second half of the same year.

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