Water Blast Elementor action figure
Water Blast Elementor is an action figure of Water Elementor. It was released in the second half of 2013 and belonged to the Strength subline.


Elementor's body is completely blue with light blue accents. He has a red energy core on his forehead, a pair of white lozenge-shaped eyes and spiky teeth. He has a muscular build and fins on his forearms, thighs and a tail, four fingers and three toes. He has four points of articulation and comes with one accessory.

Elementor comes with a blue water projectile which can be shot by his right hand. He also can shoot water by pressing his abdomen.



  • The prototype of this figure had some notable diffences compared the final product. Elementor's body type would be slightly different, being stocky and more muscular, his head's shape would be slightly different and he would have his tongue sticking out from his mouth. He also lacked the fins on his thighs. The package of the toy also has a slightly different version of the figure, as Elementor is shown to be made on a transparent blue plastic.

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