Ven-Ghan's laser blaster
Ven-Ghan's Laser Blaster is one of Ven-Ghan's signature weapons alongside with his sword. It is a gun-like weapon used by him and other Ultralink hunters for combat and hunting. It debuted in Ultralink Invasion Part One.

TV Show

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

Ven-Ghan shows his blaster for the first time to threaten Max to let Steel go with him. He is eventually knocked down by Max on his Turbo Flight Mode and upon recovering he shoots Max. He approaches him and prepares to shoot, but Max captures him with his Turbo Lash and makes him drop his weapon.

Ultralink Invasion Part Two

Bonus Clips

The Ultralink Hunter

Ven-Ghan attracted the blaster while preparing to hunt down Steel. He starts shooting at Steel and eventually the Ultralink bonds with Max to activate Turbo Speed Mode. While Max hides behind a tree, Ven-Ghan charges and prepare to launch a energy projectile, until Max states that he and Steel were trying to stop Makino. Despite that, he decides to shoot the duo and later on appears chasing them on Copper Canyon city's streets.


The blaster is strong enough to knock down Ultimate Elementor in a single blast. Its projectiles can also attract stones and other objetcs.

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