Max's ally in the battle against the Ultralinks, Ven-Ghan drives his own out-of-this-world fighter jet called Ven-geance, with some of the most unique gravity-based features and weaponry. So get out of the way.

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Ven-Geance is a spaceship used by Ven-Ghan that carries his large arsenal of weapons and allows him to travel to different galaxies to hunt his enemies. It debuted in Ultralink Invasion Part One.



The ship's origins are completely unknown, but it was probably given to or built by Ven-Ghan in his first years working for the Black Star Council.

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

Ultralink Invasion Part Two


The ship is used as a teletransportation for Ven-Ghan and it carries his large arsenal of weapons. The ship is shown to be very fast and is powered by an unknown fuel that feeds off electromagnetic energy fields. The Ven-Geance is able to travel at light speeds, has a intergalactic target tracking system, a unique teleportation system, gravity-seeker based missiles, stun blasters, gravity pulse laser and interior set black hole portal.


  • The ship matches the colors of Ven-Ghan's armor, mainly yellow and purple, and has similar characteristics compared to his helmet, such as the two spheres in each side of the front, that resembles his eyes.
  • It is named after the revenge Ven-Ghan brings to Ultralinks.
  • According to the official site, the ship is funded by The Black Star Council. 
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