Uncle Sam Wants You!
Max Steel Reboot Colonel Castle
Season 1, Episode 12
Air Date July 20, 2013
Written By George Krstic
Directed By Logan McPherson and Gino Nichele
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Uncle Sam Wants You! is the twelfth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). The army wanted to work with Max and they are trying to look for Miles Dredd. Then there is something fishy Colonel Castle says, N-Tek's true mission that Forge haven't told Max before. Then they find Dredd. Then Max finds out the army worked for Dredd and that everything was a trap. What will Max Steel do?! Is this the end of our hero?! This episode was written by George Krstic and directed by Logan McPherson & Gino Nichele. This episode was aired on July 20, 2013.


In this episode, robbers robbed from the army and then Max Steel (Who was in Turbo Base Mode and he was riding the Turbo Cycle. Then the robbers were attacking Max Steel with the weapons they had stolen. Then Max Steel was following them, not matter what was happening. Then Max Steel went to a dead end and then the Turbo Cycle went up some buildings. Then he was called Commander Forge Ferrus, telling Max that they should focus on the enemy. Then the Turbo Cycle jumped from a building, to the front of the truck with the robbers. Then the Turbo Cycle was riding in front of the truck, then shot the truck, making it fly and fall, destroyed and the robbers coming out of the truck. Then Max and Steel were proud of defeating the robbers. Then Max told the robbers hands up, but they already did. Then Max and Steel turned around, looking at the army, who were surrounding Max, Steel, and the robbers.

The army surrounded Max Steel and the robbers. Then the robbers escaped and then the army started attacking Max Steel. Then Max Steel was hiding behind the truck, then turned into Turbo Strength Mode and threw the truck at the army. Then the truck exploded, but then these army tanks came and still attacked Max Steel. Then Max Steel destroyed the tanks, but then army helicopters came and then Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode then flew. When he was very high in the sky, the helicopters broke and then they fell. Then Max Steel landed back at Copper Canyon, as Turbo Base Mode. Then the army kept attacking Max Steel until, a man named Colonel Castle came to stop the army. Then one of the soldiers, who was new, named Major Parker, who told Castle that they lost a lot of vehicles. Then Castle told Max and Steel that they will need them for something.

At the Base, Castle was giving Max and Steel a tour. Then Castle told Max Steel that knew a little a bot N-Tek, but then he said that that wasn't the point of why they are in the base. Then he showed to Max Steel, an image of Miles Dredd. Castle told them that back when Miles Dredd was at THI, he attacked all Copper Canyon once, but then Dredd was defeated by Max (It was showed as a flashback from Come Together Part Three, and also in a footage). Then Castle told Max Steel that it would be perfect if they worked together as a group, to stop Miles Dredd.

At N-Tek, Maxwell McGrath and Steel told Forge, Jefferson Smith, and Katherine 'Kat' Ryan about them working with the army. Then the N-Tek agents were disagreeing. Then Roberto 'Berto' Martinez came, informing them that Jason Naught and a whole squad of Dredd Naughts were attacking Copper Canyon. Then Berto showed them a footage of Jason and a whole squad of Dredd Naughts. Then Forge was going to order something to Max, but then Max and Steel left and some people from N-Tek also.

At Copper Canyon, Max Steel came as Turbo Flight Mode and also C.Y.T.R.O, came in into the action. Jason and the Dredd Naughts were attacking Copper Canyon. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength Mode and then he and C.Y.T.R.O went to fight Jason Naught and the Dredd Naughts, but then the army came and destroyed the Dredd Naughts, and captured Jason Naught. Then N-Tek came and then Forge was arguing with Castle that who will take Jason. Then Max came to calm them down, then Forge told Max that it wasn't his business. Then Castle told Forge that it is his business, or that he must be hiding something from Max Steel. Then Max was confused. Then Castle told Forge to tell Max N-Tek true and secret mission. Then Forge didn't want to tell nothing to Forge. Then Castle told Max if he wanted to be part of some place where they can trust each other, he told him to call him. Then Castle and the army left, with Jason as their prisoner. Then Kat told Forge that it didn't made sense that for her.

At N-Tek, Forge was studying a little bit about Major Parker, who was new to Castle's army. Then Max came in and then Max was asking Forge some questions and that they are supposed to trust each other, not hide things from themselves. Then Forge was angry, then Max left. Then Forge was called by Molly McGrath, then he told her that Max is getting more curious about N-Tek each day. Then Molly said that it was time to tell Max. Then Forge told her that once they tell him, there is no coming back.

Max and Steel were walking in the hallway, then Steel received a call from Colonel Castle, who wanted them to go to the Base.

At the Base, Castle informed Max and Steel that Jason told them where Miles Dredd was at. Then Castle told them that Dredd was in the region of Copper Canyon. So then Max and Steel accepted the mission.

In the sky, Castle ordered Max Steel, who was in his Turbo Flight Mode, to cut the signal, so Miles Dredd wouldn't detect them. Then Steel did.

At N-Tek, Berto informed Forge that they lost Max's signal. Then Forge asked where was his last location. Then he told him at Castle's Base.

The army and Max Steel were both heading to Miles Dredd, who saw them coming. The army were getting closer to Miles Dredd and then Castle told Max Steel that he will get out to defeat Miles Dredd. So then, Castle jumps out of a helicopter with a gun on his hands, then he runs towards Miles Dredd. Then Max wanted to warn Castle to not get close to him, but he couldn't, so Max Steel got closer to land. Then Castle shot Miles Dredd, but then a laser from a rock came out and then shot Castle. Then Max Steel, who was in his Turbo Base Mode, went to Castle and asked him if he was alright. Then Castle told him that he was right. Then Miles Dredd said they were both right. Then Miles Dredd threw Max Steel to the floor and then he started absorbing Max Steel's T.U.R.B.O Energy, then he turned red and powerful. Then Major Parker saw what was happening, so he came out. Then Castle told Max Steel that he worked for Dredd all the time, also his whole team, and Major Parker was new. Then Major Parker was arrested by Castle's army. Then Max asked why. Then Dredd told him that he wanted to so that he could finally defeat Max Steel once and for all. Then Jason Naught, a troop of Dredd Naughts, and Earth Elementor appeared to defeat Max Steel and to help out Castle, Dredd, and the army. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength Mode and then he told Steel to call N-Tek. Then Max Steel was fighting off some villains that were in his way. Then Steel told him that he couldn't, that everything was how Castle planned it to be. Then the army's helicopters were attacking Max Steel with there lasers, including the army tanks. Then Max Steel was hit by a missile, and then Max Steel turned back to his Turbo Base Mode. Then the Dredd Naughts were shooting Max Steel. Then Jason asked Dredd why he didn't told him that he only had to downtown to make Castle trick Max. Then Dredd said that he must had said that, then he told him to go attack Max. Then on his way, he was stepped by Earth Elementor by accident. Then the Dredd Naughts were still attacking Max Steel with their laser guns, and also Earth Elementor, who was throwing rocks from the ground, to Max Steel.

Then Major Parker asked Castle why he turned his back to his country. Then Castle laughed and then he said that he (Major Parker) didn't had any idea how many Dredd was paying them. Then there was an explosion from the sky, and then N-Tek Jump Jets cam to save Max Steel. Then N-Tek was attacking them with missiles and then Miles Dredd asked Castle how N-Tek found them. Then Castle told him that he had not idea. Then N-Tek agents were attacking and some where landing to defeat the gang. Then Max was happy that they might survive, until Earth Elementor and an army tank came and were getting closer to Max Steel to attack him. Then C.Y.T.R.O came once again, then he gave Max the Turbo Blaster. Then C.Y.T.R.O shot the tank and then Max had not idea where Earth Elementor was at. Then C.Y.T.R.O came in to help out Max Steel, but then he was smashed by Earth Elementor. Then Earth Elementor appeared from nowhere in the smoke and then Max was scared, but then he shot Earth Elementor on his orb and then Earth Elementor disappeared to the smoke, and left. The N-Tek agents, Dredd Naughts, and Castle's army were into a very big fight. Then Forge came into action and then he attacked a Dredd Naught with his dagger. Then he saw Castle, who was behind a rock. Then Castle was running, until Forge got him and they fought. Forge was defeated and then Castle escaped. Then Major Parker saw Castle running, so then Parker also escaped. Max Steel was shooting with his Turbo Blaster at the villains and also an army tank, which fell on Dredd, and then Dredd thought on fighting them personally. The N-Tek agents and Max Steel were fighting the Dredd Naughts, shooting them with blasters. But then, Dredd shot his own Dredd Naughts and then he went to Max Steel, with his Laser Blaster. Then C.Y.T.R.O, who was inside the ground, trapped, tries to get out. Then when he already got out, he was already destroyed by Dredd, then Berto decided that now it was Max's turn. Then Dredd came to Max Steel and then he got him, absorbing more T.U.R.B.O Energy from Max Steel.

Castle motioned one of his people to come, then he threw him out of the car and then Castle went off. Then Major Parker came in and then he defeated Castle.

Dredd was still absorbing Max's T.U.R.B.O Energy. Then Steel wanted Max to get the Turbo Blaster. So when Max got the Turbo Blaster, Steel shot Dredd, then Dredd said that it didn't do nothing to him, that it made him more powerful. Then Jefferson's Jump Jet came and then he shot Dredd with a missile, making Dredd land far away away. Then Max was glad that Dredd was defeated. Then Steel told Max that the T.U.R.B.O Energy was detected by Jefferson, when shot to Dredd from the Turbo Blaster. Then Jefferson thanked Steel for making him go there and help them.

Miles Dredd landed on the floor, in some like forest in Copper Canyon. Then he turned back to normal, then he fell defeated.

The N-Tek agents were capturing Earth Elementor, to be put to prison as a prisoner. Then an N-Tek agent came with C.Y.T.R.O's parts, to Forge. C.Y.T.R.O informed to Forge that Jason Naught and Miles Dredd had escaped again. Then two N-Tek agents came with Major Parker and Colonel Castle. Then he stopped them and let Major Parker go, since he was suspecting things about Castle, like Forge did. Then he took off Castle's badge and then the N-Tek agents took him in the N-Tek Jump Jet. Then Max Steel came and then Forge asked Max if he was okay. Then Max said Forge that he was sorry that he was overreacting with him. Then Forge told Max that he promised to Jim McGrath years ago that he will put an eye on Max. Then Forge told Max that he will be thinking in Max punishment. Then Forge went inside the N-Tek Jump Jet. Then Max and Steel were talking that it is okay that they don't know the truth about somethings. Then Steel said that he wished if that true, but that he would have to get his answers from another source. Then the screen zooms in to Earth Elementor's orb.



  • There was a fail, Dredd's device had light in it.
  • Castle tricked Max Steel into thinking that he was in his side.
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