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Max Steel VS. Invasion of Ultralinks!

The Ultralink Invasion is an event that takes place in the end of Season 1 and becomes the main focus in Season 2. The event focus on Makino Ships infiltrating a planet and releasing Ultralinks to link with objects and make Makino's army stronger to later absorb the planet with the dangerous Alphalink. Makino's army is commanded by a Megalink, which is an upgraded version of an Ultralink. The commander sends a massive attack of Ultralinks in order to link with everything on their way.


Prior to the series' events, there were many Ultralink invasions happening in various planets, like Kaduonn, Ven-Ghan's home planet. Makino was responsible of destroying lots and lots of planets at the point of many survivors creating a council to capture him and his Ultralinks.

Planet Takion Invasion

Sixteen years prior to the series' events, Makino released an attack on Takion. During the attack, an Ultralink named Steel saved the life of Ja'em Mk'rah (who would become Max's father in the future) by linking with him. They eventually escaped from Takion shortly after the planet was fully absorbed by the Alphalink. The duo went to Earth (Makino's next target) and there created N-Tek alongside with three more persons and developed projects to stop Makino and his evil Ultralinks.

Earth Invasions

First Ultralink Invasion

The first Ultralink invasion on Earth happened but N-Tek wasn't prepared for what was coming. There were too many soldiers and they were on disadvantage, until Jim and Steel showed up and they defeated the whole army. Some Ultralinks managed to escape, like the Elementors. Afterwards, Makino didn't attacked Earth for sixteen years.

Second Ultralink Invasion

In the future Max discovers that he mysteriously generated T.U.R.B.O. Energy, the most dangerous yet powerful existing energy on Earth. He links with Steel and eventually becomes the new Max Steel, saving the world from mutants and monsters, and hereafter, aliens. After sixteen years, Makino launches his second attack on Earth and Max, Steel and N-Tek were in charge of stoping it. Max and Steel learned in the worst way their past and eventually stopped Makino, Dread and the Elementors.


  • According to Makino, planet Takion and Earth resisted like no others.
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