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The Ultralink Hunters are multiple races of aliens that hunt and capture Evil Ultralinks. They were mentioned by Earth Elementor in Split Decisions, and Air Elementor had the Ultralink Hunter's Device, but it is unknown how he got it. The Ultralink Hunters capture Ultralinks, and bring them to the Black Star Council to be punished. One of the Ultralink Hunters, Ven-Ghan, debuts in Ultralink Invasion Part One. Another Ultralink Hunter, Ragnok, debuts in Fugitives.


The Ultralink Hunters are a group of different alien species that track and hunt down Ultralinks as revenge, since their planets were destroyed by Makino. They send them to The Black Star Council to be judged, and then destroyed.

TV Show

Season 1

Season 2

Ultralink Hunters

So far, there was seen only two Ultralink hunters, being them:

  • Ven-Ghan, the first being introduced to the series; his mission was capture Steel, but he decided that he was good Ultralink and is now an ally.
  • Ragnok, the second introduced to the series, with the mission to capture Ven-Ghan along with Steel, and to bring them back to the Black Star Council.



  • One of the Ultralink Hunters is named Ven-Ghan.
  • The Ultralink Hunter was referred by Ultimate Elementor in Split Decisions.
  • Every Ultralink Hunter has a star tattoo.
  • All of the Ultralink Hunters are members of the Black Star Council.
  • In the episode, Fugitives, Ragnok is introduced, who is another Ultralink Hunter.
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