Ultra Turbo Battlers (unofficial name) were upgraded Turbo Battlers that were set to be released on 2015, but they were cancelled. The toy line would have new characters of the second season, as well as new modes for Max, such as Turbo Cannon Mode. The Battlers would come with more accessories to help the toy spin and would get a new look based on the respective character.

Known Ultra Turbo Battlers

So far, only five Ultra Turbo Battlers were unveiled, being those:



The ripcord went through changes and has a simpler design, having the same color scheme as its respective character.


The launcher was upgraded and can hold another launcher on its side which can launch an Ultralink sphere (which possess the same color as the ripcord and base). It is also slightly larger than the old launcher.


The base has the same sculpture and function as the previous release. The piece also have the signature color of the character.


Rather than having a ring around the character, the battlers now have capsules simulating spherical energy fields, whose shapes may vary according to the character. They are also made on transparent plastic.


The figure is a small piece that represents a character or one of Max's modes. Like the previous releases, the character or mode can be removed from the base.

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