Ultimate Air Elementor
Gender Male
Alias Air Elementor
Mighty Elementor
Wind Head
Species Alien
Status TBA
Occupation Villain
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons TBA
Family TBA
Allies Fire Elementor
Water Elementor
Earth Elementor
Miles Dredd
Jason Naught
Evil Ultralinks
Enemies Max Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
Katherine 'Kat' Ryan
Jefferson Smith
Roberto 'Berto' Martinez
Miles Dredd
Jason Naught
Background Information
First Appearance Elements of Surprise Part One
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By Andrew Francis

Ultimate Air Elementor is one of the transformations of Ultimate Elementor. He is the leader and predominant form of Ultimate Elementor, though the other three Elementors haven't always agreed with him. He is also known as Air Elementor, but he is more powerful than his original body. Ultimate Air Elementor, can fly like a tornado, can create tornadoes, and has complete control over the element air. Also, he seems to get a lot of weird devices, like Air Elementor's Device and the Ultralink Hunter's Device. He is smarter than the other Elementors. Like usual he always argues with the other Elementors, because the others cannot agreed on what he thinks and think they are right. The others also think that he shouldn't lead them. He was also seen as Hypnotized Ultimate Elementor, when he was contaminated and poisoned by Toxzon's Hypnosis Serum. He first appeared in Elements of Surprise Part One, where was the first one seen as Ultimate Elementor, until the end of the episode. He is voiced by Andrew Francis.


Air Elementor, Water Elementor, Fire Elementor, and Earth Elementor were going to escape from the prison, but they had to open a door that was locked in front of them. Then without thinking about it, Earth Elementor threw a rock at the door before Air Elementor could even stop him. Then Air became angry at Earth for hitting the door and because of it, N-Tek activated a shield that captured the four Elementors. Then Earth started blaming Air for everything. Then they thought on shooting their orbs to Air Elementor's Stasis Inhibitor, but then he told them that if they do that, there are no way to know what could be their fate. But then Earth, Water, and Fire didn't listen to him, and then they merged into one and the shield was destroyed. Then they merged into Ultimate Elementor, with Air Elementor commanding the body.

TV Show

Season 1

Elements of Surprise Part One

Elements of Surprise Part Two

The Truth Hurts

X Marks the Spot

Split Decisions

Pick Your Poison

Earth Under Siege Part One

Earth Under Siege Part Two

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part Two

He was shown escaping and attacking an N-Tek Tank on an N-Tek holo-screen, thanks to N-Tek's temporary loss of their systems when an Ultralink took over N-Tek's mainframe.

Dredd Ascendant

He fought Max Steel and sent him into a cyclone. He was later shot down by Jefferson and Kat. Then, Max Steel turned into his Turbo Cannon Mode and hit him hard.


Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor (Air)-2-
The Gallery of Ultimate Air Elementor can be seen Here.


  • He usually commands the Ultimate Elementor body.
  • Ultimate Air Elementor appears the most in the series, even making some silent cameos.
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