Turbo Tactics
Turbo Tactics is a game from Max Steel's Official Website consisting in 3 levels. It was released in the mid of 2014, and its gameplay is similiar to a board game.


Turbo Tactics's Levels
There are three different levels, the first in Copper Canyon's canyons (Canyon Crisis), the second in a jungle (Jungle Assault) and the third and last in N-Tek (N-Tek Assault). Each level consists in three phases, the last having a boss (for example, Miles Dredd, Makino, or Metal Elementor).


Turbo Tactics - Select Screen
Like the previous games released, it has upgrades, which can be bought through N-Tek Tokens. Those upgrades can improve the abilties or weapons of determined character, making him stronger, or faster (in Max Steel's case).
  • Max Steel: He is the leader of N-Tek team, and if is defeated, the whole team will be. If upgraded, he can get Turbo Modes and new Turbofied Weapons.
    • Turbo Heat Mode: Max's Heat Mode allows him to take large amounts of damage, but his fireball attack is relatively weak.
    • Turbo Rocket Mode: Allows Max to fly anywhere on the battlefield. This mode has no attack.
    • Turbo Spike Mode: Max can attack with spikes up to 3 squares away. Moderate defense does damage to melee enemies when they attack.
    • Turbo Cannon Mode: Max attacks by becoming a cannon ball and rocketing across the field. He hits a row of enemies. This action moves Max to the end of the attack.
    • Turbo Blaster: Further increases Max's attack damage.
  • Commander Forge Ferrus: He is equipped with a rifle, which has long range and can be upgraded to increase the damage.
  • Kat Ryan: She has the special ability of healing characters in the battle. If upgraded, it increases the amount of each healing.
  • C.Y.T.R.O.: He has the ability of long range of missiles. If upgraded, the rockets will do more damage to all enemies in the target area.
  • Soldier: He is equipped with a gun of short range. If upgraded, it will increase damage of attacks on targeted enemies.
  • Ven-Ghan: He is equipped with his signature weapon, the sword. If upgraded, it will increase the damage of attacks on targeted enemies.


In this game, you can choose between a variety of characters, each having special abilities or weapons. The game is divided in two teams, Team N-Tek, of the heroes, and the Team Ultralink, of the villains.

Team N-Tek

Team Ultralink


  • Ven-Ghan's sword shows to be silver and red, instead of being black and purple.
  • The last level (N-Tek Assault) was probably based on Makino Strikes.
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