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Turbo Sword Max Steel is one of Max Steel's action figures. It was released in the first half of 2017 and is a part of both Turbo-Charged and Connect-Tek sublines.



Max uses a grey armor with a green transparent logo with the shape of the letter M and six poligons with silver borders on his abdomen. The right side of his armor is notably larger than the left side. Max's right arm has a shoulder pad detailed with polygons, grey forerm pads and green gloves. He has green boots. Max contains eleven points of articulation and comes with three accessories.

Max comes with a black-grey-green mask that covers his nose and mouth and a set of two green swords that can connect to Max's forearms.


  • The figure uses a new sculpture for Max's hair and head.
  • The box of the figure contains a DVD with the Team Turbo movie.



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