Tempestra going turbo
Turbo Storm Modes are modes based off on the weather used by Tempestra. With these modes, Tempestra can get stronger, more agile and durable and even fly. Rayne can only use these modes if her Connect-Tek suit is charged with enough T.U.R.B.O. Energy. Like La Fiera and C.Y.T.R.O., her suit can be configured and reconfigured once again to reach new forms, thus creating a new mode.

Rayne's Turbo Storm Modes

Turbo Base Mode

Rayne's default Turbo Mode. It makes her stronger, more agile and durable than an average individual and also gives her the ability of generating electricity through her hands. It debuted in Team Turbo.

Turbo Lightning Storm Mode

Rayne's first Turbo Mode. It was unlocked in Team Turbo. Besides getting stronger, more durable and agile than an average individual, Tempestra also gets the ability of flight, creation of hurricanes and electric lightning spears and a lash made out of electricity named Thunderclap Whip.

Turbo Ice Storm Mode

Tempestra's Turbo Frost Mode
Rayne's second Turbo Mode. It was unlocked in Team Turbo Fusion Tek. It was created by Professor Mortum to reach Tempestra's maximum power to hunt down Max Steel. This mode gives her non-skid soles, allows her to flight, create ice and spears with the wings on her back.


  • Tempestra's modes mostly features dark colors (or cold colors), such as purple and dark pink. Only exception is white, featured in most of her modes.
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