Turbo Star
the Turbo Star is a weapon that was created by Jim McGrath and Steel. This weapon feeds from large amounts of T.U.R.B.O Energy. This weapon can only be useful with Steel and Maxwell McGrath or Jim McGrath. Three pieces of the Turbo Star were hidden, so that nobody could steal them. The Turbo Star debuts in Dredd Ascendant.


Years ago, when Jim McGrath landed on Earth, he founded N-Tek and started to create plans to defeat Makino once for all, between them, the Turbo Star, and Morphos (later cancelled). However, during the test of the Turbo Star, Miles Dread used a device that he created, absorbing Jim McGrath's energy, and sending him to the space, while the Turbo Star was divided into three pieces, each sent in an specific locations.

TheGreatTurboStarCaper (216)
The first part was near N-Tek's underwater base, the second, in the abandoned mines of Copper Canyon, and the third and last, in N-Tek's base on Arctic. When Miles Dread got all pieces of the Turbo Star, he saw it as the device that could defeat Makino once for all, and started to prepare the Turbo Star, although that he needed more T.U.R.B.O. Energy. However, in a showdown, Miles Dread's base was destroyed, and the Turbo Star was rescued by N-Tek, while Commander Forge Ferrus prohibited Max and Steel to use it. After all, in the invasion of Makino's full fleet of Ultralinks, Forge was obliged to use the Turbo Star, otherwise, Earth was going to be absorbed by Makino. Max and Steel used a portion of the Turbo Star, although that it was destroyed by Makino, and only Jim, Steel, Max were able to destroy Makino together.


  • When Steel connects to it, the weapon is capable of transforming the user's generated T.U.R.B.O Energy into a living weapon.


  • It was made by Jim McGrath and Steel.
  • It is divided into three parts.
  • Forge Ferrus hates the Turbo Star because it destroyed Jim and forbids Max from using it.
  • As revealed in Got Turbo Star?, Forge wanted to destroy the Turbo Star, but never got the chance to do it.
  • Miles Dredd has his own version of the Turbo Star.
  • Makino destroyed the Turbo Star in the Season 2 Finale, meaning that the Turbo Star is not that strong as it was said to be. However since it's revealed that Jim McGrath had been Makino's prisoner, Makino probably extracted the information about the Turbo Star from Jim and upgraded himself so that he won't be effected by the Turbo Star's effects.
  • In The Final Countdown Part TwoMax and Steel used only a portion of the full Turbo Star. The full device was large and wasn't designed to be portable.
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