Max Steel Reboot Turbo Speed Mode

Turbo Speed Mode is Maxwell McGrath and Steel's fifth Turbo Mode. This mode provides enhanced speed, that can be used for a lot of purposes, for example, minimize delay and maximize intervention time . It first appeared in Elements of Surprise Part Two.


Although that Max and Steel are good fighters, Berto notes that they are kind of slow. Then, when Ultimate Elementor attacks Copper Canyon Dam to retrieve an N-Tek transmitter, Max and Steel rush to stop him before he floods the city and steals the transmitter. Unfortunately, Ultimate Elementor easily overpowers them thanks to its ability to control lightning bolts. Unable to dodge fast enough and taking a beating, Steel remembers Berto's remark and creates Turbo Speed Mode, which is used to defeat Elementor.


  • Enhanced Speed: As the name of this Turbo Mode suggests, this mode provides super speed to Max, also because of the aerodynamic design. The maximum speed of it is 100,00 mph. This mode is faster than the speed of lightning,[1].


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The Gallery of Turbo Speed Mode can be seen Here.


  • In Season 2, there are green streaks added to it for some unknown reason.
  • This mode looks similar to Turbo Base Mode, just with a more aerodynamic helmet, and different arm and leg armor. It also has tennis-shoe like soles.
  • Though it is rarely used in Season 1, Turbo Speed Mode plays a much greater role in Season 2, helping him rescue civilians, escape most of Makino's missile barrage, and in giving Jason Naught a good beating.
  • This mode requires a vast amount of T.U.R.B.O Energy.
  • This mode's helmet resembles XLR8's from the Ben 10 series.
  • Turbo Speed Mode is the most tallest mode that Max Steel has


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