Turbo Rocket Mode
Turbo Rocket Mode is Maxwell McGrath and Steel's tenth Turbo Mode. After the Turbo Nova Mode, this is one of most powerful modes in Max Steel's arsenal, Max and Steel can reconfigure their SteelSuit into Turbo Rocket, which allows them to blast off into high orbital flight. It first appeared in Makino Strikes: Part Two.


During the battle against Makino, Max told Steel a code that Molly previously said to him. The code unlocked a pre-recorded message from his father, more memory files, and especially, the Turbo Rocket Mode, that easily defeated Makino.


  • Cannons: Four incredibly powerful Turbo blasters can be repositioned to allow Max to use them as Turbo blasters, firing in any direction, including a devastating 360* area attack.
  • Flight: The cannons also provide rocket-like propulsion comparable to that of a Space Shuttle.
  • Enhanced Strength: This Turbo Mode is just as or more powerful than than Turbo Strength Mode, because Max was able to actually land some good punches on Makino, and he was able to move an Makino Destroyer, and also managed to take down a huge ship.
  • Space Environment Protection: This mode is best suited for space environments.


T.U.R.B.O Energy Limit: If Max used up all his T.U.R.B.O. Energy. He will be unable to use his cannons to propulse himself. It can also consume most if not all of his T.U.R.B.O Energy.


MakinoStrikes! (162)
The Gallery of Turbo Rocket Mode can be seen Here.


  • Turbo Rocket Mode is the third Turbo Mode with the ability of flight. The first being Turbo Flight Mode, Turbo Super Mode being the second, Turbo Nova Mode being the fourth, Turbo Sonic Flight Mode being the fifth and Turbo Prime Mode being the sixth.
  • Turbo Rocket Mode is the first Turbo Mode best suited for space environments. Turbo Nova Mode being the second.
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