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La Fiera Turbo Raptor is one of La Fiera's action figures released in the first half of 2017. He is a part of both Turbo-Charged and Connect-Tek sublines.


  • La Fiera Turbo Raptor + Turbo Drill C.Y.T.R.O.: Together, La Fiera with his attack claws and C.Y.T.R.O. with his Turbo drill can save the world!


La Fiera wears a helmet with the shape of a head of a velociraptor featuring black and red details and a yellow thin visor where the mouth was supposed to be. He has a white piece attached to the right part of his chest and shoulder which features Team Turbo's green logo, a red piece attached to his left chest featuring yellow lozenges. He also wears a white and red shoulder pad featuring three rips on them. La Fiera also has red forearm pads, knee pads featuring two rips and a lozenge and red boots featuring curved claws in the feet similar to a velociraptor. La Fiera comes with three accessories and has thirteen points of articulation.

He comes with a pair of fore arm pads featuring three curved, long claws and a spine with three spikes that La Fiera can hold with his hands.


  • It is the second toy of La Fiera to feature red and yellow on its armor, the first being Base Mode La Fiera, released in 2016 in the first wave of action figures.



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