Turbo Punch Max
Turbo Punch Max Steel is one of Max Steel's action figures released in the first wave of 2017 action figures. He is a part of both Turbo-Charged and Connect-Tek toy lines.



Max wears a green visor on his face. He has a dark blue armor with a green Steel on his chest surrounded by a silver plate that covers his entire chest and silver details on his upper torso. His shoulders to biceps are light green, he wears grey gauntlets and light green gloves. He has silver details on his thighs and wears silver boots.

He comes with a pair of massive power gloves similar to that Turbo Strength Mode's. Both gloves have a button on the fingers that can elevate a plate in the top of them. The package refers this as "power activation".



  • Some packages of this toy includes a DVD containing the Team Turbo movie.

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