Turbo Prime Sword
The Turbo Prime Sword is a roleplay item released in the first half of 2017. It is a part of the Turbo-Charged subline.

Official Description

"Go Turbo and recreate exciting, realistic Max Steel battle adventures with this new light up Turbo Prime Sword! Get ready for three different modes in one awesome sword: two individual swords for dual hand combat, one double-edged sword for extra power, or combined to form one extra-long blade. Light patterns reveal iconic glyphs and an impact sensor with sound activation emits 10+ unique battle noises. It’s time for some Turbo power play! Batteries included."


The Turbo Prime Sword has a black holder with a grey guard with a green transparent detail on it. The green transparent blades have Takonian symbols. The sword possesses has three modes: it can part into two swords, it can turn into a double edged-sword and combined it turns into one blade. Besides, it lights up and emits battle noises.


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