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Turbo Prime Max Steel is one of the character's action figures. It was released in the first half of 2016 and belonged to the Team Turbo subline.


  • 'Turbo Prime Max Steel VS Firestorm Elementor: When Elementor launches his attack made out of tornadoes, Max transforms into his Turbo Prime Mode and gets ready to launch missiles!


Max wears a black helmet with red stripes in the forehead region and a blue visor. The upper part of the torso features silver armor with Steel linked on Max's chest, red accents on the sides and from the diafragma to the lower torso a silver segment on Max's abdomen. He wears silver shoulder pads with red stripes, silver armored parts on the biceps and silver forearm pads. He has a red armor on his waist, silver knee pads and black boots with red stripes. He has six points of articulation and comes with two accessories.

Max comes with a pair of red and blue gauntlets that can fire a sword projectile each. These projectiles can be also held on Max's arms, serving as actual swords. Max features a set of transparent wings on his back that can be revealed by pressing his legs together. The mask on his face is also removable.



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