The Exo-Suit or Turbo Mobile is a new vehicle that Max Steel obtains in Turbo-Warriors to defeat Terrorax.


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After Max climbs to the top of the Pantheon, Steel left a package with the Exo-Suit. Upon seeing it, Max gets amazed and sees few disc-shaped devices (magnetic polarity inverters) which he uses to make the exponential towers of the ship pump Green T.U.R.B.O. rather than Terror Energy.

Max gets inside of the vehicle and starts to release the devices on the towers. Eventually, Terrorax appears and attempts to stop Max, but he launches few missiles that temporarily take him down. Max escapes and installs the last magnetic polarity inverter and succesfully makes his Green T.U.R.B.O. pump in the exponential towers. While he was going back to the prison level, Max finds Terrorax, who was extremely angry with him and transforms into a a hybrid of a humanoid and a dragon and attempts to take him down.

Max activates the Devastator Mode of his suit and starts to fight against Terrorax. After fighting for a while, Terrorax confesses that Max's power was indeed formidable and asks why he would destroy him, when he could join in the Nexus. He quickly approaches Max and puts his hand on his face, making Max see a chaotic world dominated by Nexus, where he had joined the organization and his friends were killed by Nexus soldiers. Max gets extremely angry and releases a Green T.U.R.B.O. shockwave that tosses Terrorax away. With anger, he claims that this battle was going to end there and now and runs towards the villain's direction and impales his spinning wheels on his chest. With another blow, Terrorax's body is destroyed, but he survives as a small dragon. He attempts to escape, but Max releases few missiles and as result, he falls on Green T.U.R.B.O. current and burns to ashes.

Max gets out from the vehicle and Team Turbo appears. Shortly after, the Pantheon starts to collapse, and the group is forced to escape. The Exo-Suit vehicle is left on the top of the ship and sank in the ocean.



The Exo-Suit is a large vehicle that allows the driver to drive at high speed. The suit can alternate between two modes: the four-wheel buggy and the Turbo Devastator Mode, which adapts to the user's humanoid form. The suit has projectile launchers attached to the top of its back and its spinning wheels have blades. The suit also gives the user superhuman strength, durability and speed on both modes aforementioned.


  • The vehicle was based on MX18 Amazon Raider, a vehicle of the classic toy line.
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