Turbo Max Steel
Turbo Max Steel (unofficial name) is an action figure based on Max Steel using Turbo Base Mode. It was released in 2016, introduced in the second wave of action figures and is a part of Connect-Tek and Team Turbo Fusion Tek toy lines.


  • Turbo Max Steel VS Scorpion Mortum: When Mortum transforms into his scorpion mode, Max must use all his defenses to defeat this fearsome villain.


Alongside with Scorpion Mortum and Mega Max Steel, this action figure is one of the largest released in the 2016 toy line, having around 39-40 cm instead of 30cm. Max has a full-body armor mostly featuring black and white. He has a black and white mask with a blue visor. He has white shoulder pads, white biceps pads and black closed fists. Steel is connected to Max's chest and his armor is black from his lower torso to his knees. He also has white boots. He has eight points of articulation and doesn't comes with any accessory.

Like mentioned before, Turbo Max Steel is considerably bigger than a regular action figure from the toy line. He doesn't comes with any accessory but he has few Connect-Tek ports spread on his body.



  • It is unknown why Turbo Max Steel is classified in the Team Turbo Fusion Tek toy line, since Max never used Turbo Base Mode (especially a gigantic version) in the movie with the same name. A similar case, for example, is Turbo Charged Max Steel, released in the same year and toy line.
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