Turbo Blaster Max Steel
Turbo Gun Max Steel is an action figure based on the character with the same name. It was released in the first half of 2017 and is a part of Turbo-Charged.

Official Description

"Can Max and Team Turbo rise to the next level and defeat the dark energy of evil Terrorax? Inspired by the new animated movie Turbo-Charged this collectible 6” action figure lets fans play out Max’s new Turbo Gun Mode. The figure features a new logo and enhanced power suit plus 5 points of articulation for epic action and posing. Max’s hands can grip accessories and he wields a Turbo Gun! Experience the ultimate new modes with this and the other assortment figures like Turbo Sword Max and Turbo Punch Max Steel, or choose the spike-wielding Terrorax and recreate all of the extreme battle adventures!"


Max uses a silver mask that covers the sides of his head, eyes, nose and chin. The mask also has a green visor. He has a silver armor with a green logo with the shape of the letter M, green lines in the upper torso a green thigh pad in the left thigh and black boots. Max's right arm has black forearm pads and his left arm has a large green cannon.


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