Exo Strength Modwe
Turbo Exo Strength Mode is Maxwell McGrath and Steel's eighteenth Turbo Mode. It presumably is the upgraded version of Turbo Strength Mode, and was considered Max's most powerful mode. It first appeared in Max Steel: Maximum Morphos.


When Max Steel saved the civilians on Copper Canyon through Jim's Turbo Chamber, he unlocked a brand new Turbo Mode that was used to defeat Morphos once for all.

TV Show

Max Steel: Maximum Morphos

When Max saved everyone, he started to fight against Morphos. The mode was shown to be extremely powerful against him, able to tear a part of Morphos' absorbed mode, and kick Morphos in the air, later leading it to its ultimate defeat, when Max charged and launched a Turbo Projectile, destroying his improvement device.


  • Enhanced Strength: Since the mode is the upgraded version of Turbo Strength Mode, it is even powerful. By using more T.U.R.B.O. Energy, the strength can be enhanced further.
  • Enhanced Durability: The mode has extra armor in the body that is very resistant, able to endure Morphos multiple powers.
  • Enhanced Jumping: As seen in Max Steel: Maximum Morphos, it was able to execute high jumps, while Max was kicking Morphos in the air.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Though that this mode is bulky and large, Max has enhanced mobility with it, able to kick Morphos while jumping, unlike other modes with those characteristics.
  • Enlargement: By focusing more T.U.R.B.O. Energy, the extra parts in the armor can be expanded. This process is mainly used in the hands, to launch Turbo Projectiles.
  • Turbo Punches: Max is able to launch powerful projectiles charged with T.U.R.B.O. Energy. They were powerful enough to destroy Morphos' improvement device.


The Gallery of Turbo Exo Strength Mode can be seen Here.


  • The mode has two toys launched, though that none of them have the characteristics of the actual mode, having different colors and design.
  • It is unknown if Max Steel is able to use this Turbo Mode again.
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