Turbo Furadeira
Turbo Drills are drills that were made by Roberto 'Berto' Martinez, for Max Steel. These weapons are powered by Steel at the same time by Ultralinking with one of the drills, which powers both of them at the same time. These drills are so stronger when Steel links with them, which makes them able to break through almost anythin, even through Plaztek's body and his shield. The Turbo Drills' first appearance is in Toxic Relationship.


They were created by Berto in Toxic Relationship for Max and Steel to use.

TV Show


The drills are like big containers, but when Steel ultralinks with one of them, the two drills that are inside the containers turn bigger and are turbofied with T.U.R.B.O Energy, which powers the other one without a second Ultralink.



  • One of the drills is in an action figure of Turbo Strength Mode of Max Steel.
  • Steel used one of the drills to save Max, who was underwater in the Arctic.
  • This weapon is so strong, that it killed Plaztek in its first appearance by breaking through the armor.
  • The drills can grow in size, presumably by the use of more T.U.R.B.O Energy.
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