Turbo Charged Max Steel 2
Turbo Charged Max Steel is an action figure based on the character with same name. It was released in 2016, introduced in the second wave of action figures and is a part of Connect-Tek and Team Turbo Fusion-Tek toy lines.


  • Turbo Charged Max Steel vs Trap Turbo Mortum: Mortum is ready to attack. Can Max stop him with his Turbo energy?


Max's armor is completely blue and have transparent parts. His helmet is dark blue and he has a white visor. Steel is connected to Max's chest, having a white border around him and blue paint in his upper torso. His arms are completely transparent and he holds a device with the shape of the letter V. The rest of his body is completely dark blue.

He comes with a weapon molded on his hand, but he still can hold many other weapons of the Connect-Tek toy line.


  • Even though that in 2016 Max's figures got a older look, this figure reuses many molds of other figures while he was a teenager, especially his helmet, which supposedly should be larger as seen in the animation. Additionally, the illustration in the package is also a recolor with few alterations (such as the device that Max is holding) from other renders released in early 2013.
  • If translated to spanish, the figure's name is exactly the same as Turbo Charged Max Steel, released in 2014 as a SDCC exclusive.
  • Even though that the figure has the Team Turbo Fusion Tek logo on the package and it is labelled "from the movie!", Max never used his Turbo Base Mode or this variation charged with T.U.R.B.O. Energy.


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