Will Max Steel and Team Turbo have enough to defeat the dark energy of the evil Terrorax?


Turbo-Charged is a subline based on the film with the same name introduced in 2017. Only one character was introduced in the toy line: Terrorax, who is the main antagonist of the Turbo-Charged film.


This toy line comprises new modes and gear that were featured in the Turbo-Charged film. Highlights of the toy line were Max and his green T.U.R.B.O. Energy, Terrorax and 6" action figures.

List of Action Figures


  • The first Turbo-Charged toys were seen in an event on Brazil alongside with other few Turbo Missions toys.
  • There were few toys planned to be released in the first wave of action figures on this toy line, but they were released in the second wave in the Turbo-Warriors toy line.
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