Transdimensional Energy

Steel finding traces of Transdimensional Energy

The Transdimensional Energy was a white energy formerly used by Professor Mortum in Team Turbo. The energy came from the black suit that he used. Mortum used this energy on some of his weapons, to attack and defend himself but mainly to teleport. After Mortum mutated into a robot zombie and his suit was destroyed, he didn't showed any traces of having the transdimensional energy anymore.


Like the T.U.R.B.O. Energy, the transdimensional energy is capable of enhancing the physical capabilities of a individual, such as the strength, agility and speed. Mortum used it to power some of his gear, such as his suit and bombs.

Known Users


  • The transdimensional energy was probably based off on a white spark that L'Étranger (Mortum's classic counterpart) would generate from his gloves in the classic series. In the first fight against Max, L'Étranger managed to block a punch from Max and his gloves started to glow with a white energy.
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