Max Steel Reboot Toxzon's Virus
Toxzon's Virus is a virus that Toxzon created in the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). This virus was some virus that Toxzon made so that he could turn human beings from the world, starting with Copper Canyon, to turn into toxic creatures, like Toxic Zombies and toxic mutants that look and are like Toxzon, but different. In the episode, it was reveale that the Toxic Zombies each week were different because the virus was changed to do something. Also, the virus was hand-made, so it was Toxzon who created it. The virus was found in air-born inhaling like car steams, flowers, gas, perfume, etc. When it does, it turns a normal person into a freak, like Toxzon. Also, Toxzon might had absorbed this virus and made him turned into Toxzon Toxic Bacteria. The virus also infected Molly McGrath and turned her into a female Toxzon called Toxziana. This virus first appeared in The Secret Admirer.


When the evil Toxzon was in his lair, hiding from the world, he created a virus. This was a toxic virus that was very dangerous for the world. The virus was spread on air-born inhaling things, like car streams, flowers, gas, perfume, etc. When the virus is inside of a human, the virus turns that person into a toxic freak, like Toxzon or a Toxic Zombie.


  • This virus was changed all the times.
  • This made people turn into Toxic Zombies and in creatures like Toxzon.
  • This virus can be destroyed.
  • The one infected can be cured if that person sees someone that is a loved one.
  • This virus can be destroyed by salt water.
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