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Toxic Zombies are minor villains introduced in Season 1. They debuted on Cleaning House.


Season 1

Cleaning House

After Tytus Octavius Xander was fired from THI, he decided to get his revenge by releasing a toxic gas on the whole building, which, when inhaled by humans, would turn them into zombies. Many persons on the building were infected, but Max, Molly and his friends weren't infected, but eventually, only Max wasn't infected. Later on, when Max temporarily knocked down Toxzon, he tound the cure of the virus, which was located on Fishy. The cure worked and everyone on the building were turned into normal humans again.

The Secret Admirer

Later on, Toxzon passed weeks trying to perfect the virus to later convert Molly, Max's mom, into a zombie. To perfect it, he infected many people residing on Copper Canyon, which resulted into zombies with enhanced abilities, which Max and Steel struggled to defeat. Later on, Toxzon managed to perfect the virus and later used it on Molly, which converted her into a toxic being just like Toxzon, whom he called by "Toxziana".


  • Superhuman Strength: When Toxzon managed to perfect the virus, the infected person would get superstrength, being even able to lift a car without much effort.
  • Superhuman Durability: One of the persons infected with the perfected virus showed to be very durable at the point of being hit by Max Steel many times and return to fight practically without any damage.
  • Infection: If they somehow enter in contact with the person (like scratching them), the same person could be turned into a toxic zombie.
  • Unlimited Stamina: The user gets more energetic and agressive than before, unlike the previous version of the virus, where the zombies were slow and lazy.


In their initial form, the virus only affected the appearance (as well the way of acting) of the user, changing the skin into a purplish and veiny version. The infected person also would have blank eyes.

When Toxzon improved the virus, the transformation was more visible, with the user nearly becoming bald (with a few hair on their head), having many purple blisters spreading around their body (with various sizes), and the green eyes. Also, they would also have a few veins in different parts of the body, which were green. The user also could get seemingly more powerful than the previous version of the virus.


  • The Toxic Zombies never made an appearance in Season 2.
  • Max called them by "Walkers", which is a reference to the zombes of The Walking Dead series.
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