• I found this on Dredd's page, but it is very hard to understand:

    "In this episode Miles Dredd ask excuse by the Commander Forge Ferrus by have killed Jim McGrath, and by use of the power to the evil. Miles Dredd helps the Max Steel and the N-tek to the battle vs the Makino's Ultralinks with the Jason Naught. Miles Dredd ask to the Max and to the Steel to defeat the Makino of a time by all and give by the Max Steel the Turbo Star to unlock the T.U.R.BO Mode Infinite, the T.U.R.B.O Mode very powerful of all. Miles Dreed back a to be of the well and back a to be N-Tek agent by order of the Commander Forge Ferrus. "

    Under TURBO Nova(Which should be "The Final countdown") it was found, but, again, it is hard to understand due to (Apparently) Grammar.Could someone fix it?I would myself if I could, and I have not seen the episode yet anways(And yeah I don't care that I spoiled myself for the episode)

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