• I was struggling over the series some weeks ago

    I love to fool a round with story's far a way from the main character its like stretching for the mind.

    So if Makino build the Ulta-links thy don´t need a gender but in the series and at your wikia it seems like there are male and female ones is that correct ?

    So what are the differents? and if thy male and female thy must be able to breed.... And don't tell me its the color only.

    and one more

    Steel is eating energy right? So will all Ulta-links starve to death with out energy I mean thy link to almost everything . Did Makino feed them?

    Thats all at the moment.

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    • As far as I know Ultralinks are genderless but with a male programming. If an Ultralink is female is because it has linked with a female host.

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    • S.I.H. is right! That's why I am puting the "Genderless" category for characters like Ultralinks.

      On the other hand, if Steel eats Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy, the other Ultralinks probably feed off from the hosts' vital energy? I can't figure out how they would do with other non-living beings such as rocks and bones, but I guess that Makino must feed them.

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    • @ AKA S.I.H thanks for the fast answer thats make sens and saving ultralinks from trubble like faling in love with a host

      @ExtryerBlackTiger maybe it bast on the idear that everything is energy in the end ?!

      funny thing to think about

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    • As said.. They are genderless... But they can be programmed as a male or female. :)

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    • I couldn't defeat the third elementary.How can I defeat it?

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    • A FANDOM user
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