Thieves in Team Turbo Fusion Tek

Thieves, as they appear in Season 2

Thieves in the first season

Gender Male
Alias TBA
Species Human
Status TBA
Occupation Robbers
Homeworld Earth
Interests Money
Robbing banks
Weapons Blasters
Family TBA
Allies None
Enemies Max Steel
La Fiera
Background Information
First Appearance Secret Identity Crisis
Last Appearance Max Steel: Team Turbo Fusion-Tek
Voiced By TBA
The Thieves are two criminals that always are trying to stole or destroy something, but are usually stopped by Max and Steel.

TV Show

Season 1

Secret Identity Crisis

They were fleeing in a sports car at full speed, but they were eventually stopped by Max Steel on Turbo Strength Mode, turning the car, making them dizzy. They were later arrested.

Uncle Sam Wants You!

This time they were stealing military stuff, and Max Steel was chasing one of them with a rocket launcher, but Max quickly dodged back with Turbo Strength Mode, and turned the truck that they where in. Both criminals ended up surrounded by the army, but when they tried to flee, one of them slipped in a banana peel and avoid one shot, but they eventually finished escaping.

The Truth Hurts

This time they were fleeing fom the police, in the process, they managed to destroy the boat of the police and burn it, while they laughed, Max Steel appeared in Turbo Scuba Mode, and they tried to escape, but in the end Max destroyed the boat. After all, they tried to get the money, but the police came and arrested them.

Season 2

Ultralink Hunter

They appeared in the beginning of the episode stealing the bank, but they were ultimately stopped by Max and Steel.

Animated Films

Max Steel: Team Turbo Fusion-Tek

Two thieves appeared stealing gold bars, until the police arrived. They revealed to have two massive bazookas and attackd Max's Team Turbo with them. Using his amazing speed and agility, Max attacked them with his swords and cut in half their weapons. Suddenly, a car came in Max's way and the thieves escaped, later spliting into three into Copper Canyon's streets.

While Max was handling the car that was going to crash, La Fiera, Tempestra and C.Y.T.R.O. were after the rest of the thieves. Eventually, they were defeated by Max's team and were arrested.


They wear Hawaiian shirts, but one wears a red and the other wears blue. They also use flak vests belts with mounts of equipment, gloves and ski masks.


Both aren't very smart and are often defeated just as always. They usually carry guns with them which makes them dangerous for other people.

In Team Turbo Fusion Tek, they appear once again with enhanced gear, this time with a bazooka and hovercrafts. Nonetheless, they were eventually stopped by Max's team with some difficulty.

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