The Truth Hurts
Max Steel Reboot Air Elementor's Device
Season 1, Episode 16
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Driven The Secret Admirer

The Truth Hurts is the sixteenth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). In this episode, Max Steel is getting worried that he had been missing out with Sydney. Then he decides to tell Sydney his true identity, Max Steel. Now that Sydney knows Max's secret, they will have an adventure with Ultimate Elementor, who wants to turn Max into an Elementor. Will Max be saved by Sydney and Steel, or will he be turned into a beast?! This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Jeremy Brown. This episode was aired on September 21, 2013.


In this episode, robbers had stolen money from the police, in the beach, then the police are chasing him. Then Max Steel (Who came in his Turbo Flight Mode) was flying in the sky, following the robbers and police. Then Steel was telling Max that the sea breeze was so cool, blowing his "hair". Then the robbers destroyed the polices' boat with a bazooka and then another boat came to save the policemen. Then Max told Steel that he didn't had hair. Then Steel told him that an Ultralink can dream. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Scuba Dive Mode and then dived underwater. Then the robbers thought that they were freed from everyone.

Underwater, Max asked Steel if it wasn't weird that boats don't have brakes.

Then one of the robbers saw a bright, blue light and then Max Steel in his Turbo Scuba Dive Mode, jumped up to the sky and then he broke the boat in half, then turned into Turbo Flight Mode again. Then he finally defeated the robbers. Then Steel received a call from Max's cell phone. Then it was Sydney Gardner, who was angry that Max didn't came to the movie theater to watch the movie, which started ten minutes ago. Then he told her he will be there in a fast. Then Sydney told him she wasn't in the mood, then she cut the call. Then Max was sad that he had been leaving Sydney behind the whole week, because of his hero stuffs. Then he told him that she isn't only some girl.

Then the robbers found the bag of money, then they were going to get it, but the police came to arrest them.

So Max Steel was flying in the sky, sadly and thinking about Sydney. Then Max told Steel that he will tell Sydney that he was Max Steel tomorrow.

In the water, the evil Ultimate Elementor (As Water Elementor, or well Ultimate Elementor (Water)) rose and then he thought of defeating Max Steel right away. Then Earth Elementor (Ultimate Elementor (Earth)) and Fire Elementor (Ultimate Elementor (Fire)) agreed, but Air Elementor (Ultimate Elementor (Air)) told them that they should have to wait for the right time, since he has a very good and evil plan.

In Copper Canyon, Max and Sydney are both in the Cafe Shop and then Max bought Sydney a shake. Then Sydney and Max sat on a table, then Sydney asked him what was the thing Max was going to her tell. Then Max was going to tell her, but Steel kept telling Max things. Then Max still acted weird, then Sydney was tired that Max was still being weird. Then Max finally told her that he was Max Steel, but Sydney didn't believed him, because he and Max Steel were there at the same time when Miles Dredd (In Secret Identity Crisis). Then Max told her that he will prove to her he is Max Steel.

At the alley, Max tried to prove to Sydney that he was Max Steel. Then he wanted to turn into Turbo Flight Mode, but then Steel would let him. Then he was getting hit by Steel (Who was still Ultralinked to Max) and Sydney thought Max was getting crazy. Then Max threw himself inside a building, then turned into his Turbo Base Mode, then Sydney was leaving, then Max told her to turn around. Then Sydney turned around and saw that her boyfriend was actually Max Steel.

Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor-6-
At Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, Miles Dredd was presenting to Ultimate Elementor, his new Dredd Naughts. Then he ordered Ultimate Elementor to take with him a troop of Dredd Naughts and to bring to him, Max Steel, so he could absorb Max's T.U.R.B.O Energy and defeat him finally. Then Ultimate Elementor told him that he will, then he went out of Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, flying like a tornado and then leaving Miles Dredd in his secret hideout.
Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor-5-
So Ultimate Elementor was exiting from Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout with a troop of Dredd Naughts, then The Elementors were talking to themselves that Miles Dredd shouldn't lead them, and that they should be included in the mission, not the Dredd Naughts. Then Air destroyed the troops of Dredd Naughts with a strong wind, then one of the Elementors asked what Air was doing. Then Air Elementor took out his device, which would turn Max Steel into one of them, an Elementor.

In the sky, Max Steel in his Turbo Flight Mode, is flying along with Sydney. Then they were talking about what Max and Steel, like where Max powers comes from, and what is an Ultralink. Then Sydney told them what was an Ultralink. Then Max told her it was a secret. Then Sydney was eager to listen, but Steel told her that they don't know it, because N-Tek was keeping that a secret. Then Sydney asked him what was N-Tek. 

In the desert, Ultimate Elementor as Earth rose from the ground and then turned into Air. Then he said that it was time to get Max Steel and defeat him. Then Earth agreed. Then turned into Air to fly away.

In the sky, Sydney finally found out what was N-Tek. Then Max told her that it was some type of secret agency. Then Sydney asked him what they worked for. Then Max and Steel said that they didn't know. Then Sydney noticed and told them that they don't know a lot and that N-Tek is sure hiding them something. Then Max and Steel both said to ask them. Then she asked if they know what the "N" on N-Tek stands for. Then they said that they didn't knew, probably nerdrods. Then a fireball was trying to attack Max. Then Sydney asked them if they could shoot fire. Then they said that it wasn't them. Then they turned around and then they saw Ultimate Elementor, who was trying to attack Max Steel. Then Sydney asked them if it was some friend of them. Then Steel said that it was the opposite. Then they flew faster, even Ultimate Elementor. Then Max wanted to take Sydney to safety. Then Ultimate Elementor tried to shoot Max with his fireballs. Then Max ordered Steel to take Sydney to safety. Then they escaped from Ultimate Elementor. Then Ultimate Elementor couldn't find Max Steel.

Then Max Steel and Sydney were into safety, until Ultimate Elementor came back, shooting water at Max Steel. Then Max ordered Steel to take Sydney into safety. So Max took Sydney back to the desert, then he left her and Steel. Then Max went to find Ultimate Elementor.

So then, he stops and then he finds Ultimate Elementor as Water. Then Max stopped and called Ultimate Elementor, tiny. Then he turned into Fire and was shooting fireballs at Max Steel. Then Max was flying away in his Turbo Flight Mode. Then he turned into Earth and then threw rocks at him. Then Max passed by the rocks. Then Max was escaping from Ultimate Elementor. Then Max hit Ultimate Elementor. Then he turned into Air and hit Max with a tornado. Then he was shooting rocks at Max. Then Max had an idea. So then he hit a piece of the canyon and then it fell on Ultimate Elementor. Then Max said that that was the way how the canyon crumbles. Then Ultimate Elementor as Earth appeared and then he said that it was like this: he rose so rocks from the ground and shoot at Max Steel with them. Then Max Steel was on the floor, defeated and weak. Then Ultimate Elementor as Air, tried to get Max.

Then Sydney asked Steel what was that thing. Then Steel explained to her about Elementor, whose an Ultralink like him, well four Ultralinks in one, like him, since he is an Ultralink. Then Sydney asked Steel to take her up. So he did. Then when they went up, they didn't found anything. Then she asked where he was. Then Steel said that he must be okay right now.

Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor-10-
In a cave in the canyons of Copper Canyon, Max Steel in his Turbo Flight Mode was locked up by Ultimate Elementor, like his prisoner, locked by rocks in the cave. Then Max said that if Steel was with him, he would had turned into Turbo Strength Mode right away. Then Ultimate Elementor was with Max. Then he was Air, using his device, and then he started his device. The device was shocking Max Steel, then Ultimate Elementor was not stopping, until Max turned into an Elementor.

In the desert, Sydney and Steel are both leaving from the desert, because Steel wanted to take Sydney to safety. But Sydney was so stubborn to find Max. Then Sydney let go off Steel's hand, then she ran to find Max. Then Steel was angry about Sydney, being so stubborn.

In the cave, Ultimate Elementor was still trying to turn Max into an Elementor. Then Max was getting very shocked by the device. Then Ultimate Elementor stopped, then was saying that it should had worked already, and that Max should had already turned into an Elementor, like them. Then they started to argue with the device, then Max was watching them arguing a lot. 

In the desert, Steel found Sydney, then he stopped her. But then Sydney told him that they should follow the tracks that Ultimate Elementor left on the floor, when he took Max with him. Then they followed the tracks, into a cave they entered.

In the cave, Ultimate Elementor was trying to find out why the device was not working, and why Max couldn't turn into an Elementor yet. Then Sydney and Steel spotted Max and Ultimate Elementor. Then Sydney told Steel to go and Ultralink with Max. Then Steel told her that it would not be very easy to do that, if Ultimate Elementor was there. Then Sydney said that she will handle that by herself. Then Steel tried to explain to her that it could be risky to do that, but then Sydney told him to not argue, and tom wait for her to call him. Then she left and ran, then hide behind the rocks. Then Steel murmured to himself that Sydney and Max are really a good match. 

Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor-26-
Ultimate Elementor is still finding out why the device wouldn't work so well. Then they were arguing on what cord to check. Then Air was seeing the cords, then Sydney threw a rock at Ultimate Elementor's face. Then Ultimate Elementor was angry, then went to find out who was also in the cave, other than him and Max. Then Ultimate Elementor left. Then Sydney told Steel to go with Max. Then on Steel's way, he was trapped in a tornado. Then Ultimate Elementor was behind Sydney, then Ultimate Elementor also captured Sydney, along with Steel. Then Ultimate Elementor found out why the device was not working so well on Max, Steel had to be Ultralinked with Max, so that he could turn into an Elementor. Then Ultimate Elementor was getting close to Max, then Sydney told him to rescue her. Then Max freed himself, then he punched Ultimate Elementor in the face, then he fell on the floor. Then Sydney was falling to the floor, until Max rescued her. Then they landed, then he asked Steel why he didn't took Sydney to safety. Then Steel told him that he did, but that she is as stubborn as Max. Then Ultimate Elementor was standing up, then Sydney told them to stop arguing and to fight Ultimate Elementor. So then Max and Steel ultralinked and then turned into Turbo Strength Mode. Then Ultimate Elementor attacked Max, then Max told Sydney to go to safety and cover herself. Then Ultimate Elementor told Max that he will turn part of them. Then he started the device again, but then C.Y.T.R.O came and rescued Max from the device. Then Max told Sydney that C.Y.T.R.O is in their side. Then Max told C.Y.T.R.O that that was a very good entrance. Then he told him that Steel called him. Then Sydney screamed when Ultimate Elementor spotted the three of them. Then Ultimate Elementor roared at them. Then Roberto 'Berto' Martinez, who was controlling C.Y.T.R.O, didn't knew that Steel gave him Ultimate Elementor's address. Then C.Y.T.R.O was going to attack Ultimate Elementor, with his missiles. While they were both fighting, Ultimate Elementor as Earth, grabbed C.Y.T.R.O and then he threw C.Y.T.R.O on the wall of the cave. Then he made spikes come out, which went through C.Y.T.R.O. Then C.Y.T.R.O was destroyed, first an electric shock, then calm and stuck in the spikes of the cave wall.

At N-Tek, Berto is using C.Y.T.R.O, until he finds out that C.Y.T.R.O had been damaged by the rocks. Then he was upset that C.Y.T.R.O was destroyed. Also that he was stuck in the spiky wall.

In the cave, Max Steel in his Turbo Strength Mode, ran up to Ultimate Elementor. Then Ultimate Elementor as Earth, spotted Max Steel, then he pound the ground and then the rocks on the ground hit Max Steel Turbo Strength Mode. Then he fell on the floor, then Sydney got close to Max, then Max told her to find cover. Sydney ran to find cover, then Max ran to Ultimate Elementor as Air, then he turned into Turbo Speed Mode. Then he ran
Max Steel Reboot C.Y.T.R.O-2-
to Ultimate Elementor, and Ultimate Elementor couldn't stop Max Steel. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength, while he was running, then he was pounding Ultimate Elementor to the floor. Then when he was about to stop Ultimate Elementor, he turned into Fire, then Max was burned by the fire of Fire. Then he fell on the floor, then Ultimate Elementor was getting closer to Max, ready to turn him into an Elementor like them. Then C.Y.T.R.O woke up, who was still stuck in the spiky wall of the cave, gave Max Steel the Turbo Blaster. So he released the Turbo Blaster, then Sydney cheered for them, but then Ultimate Elementor as Air, grabbed the Turbo Blaster with a tornado, then he threw it on the floor. Then he turned back at Max Steel, then he activated the device again. Max was getting shocked by the lasers of the device. Sydney witnessed that, so she had to save her boyfriend. So then, she later was looking around the place, then she had an idea to save Max. Then Sydney ran when Ultimate Elementor was still distracted with Max and his device. Then she climbed the rocky walls, then Earth asked how long it will take for Max to turn into an Elementor. Then Air told him that it takes time. Then Sydney got a rock, jumped on Ultimate Elementor's forehead, then she hit his core with the rock. Then Ultimate Elementor fell pain, then the device stopped. Then Ultimate Elementor was trying to shake her off, until he did, then she fell on the floor. Then he said that he will deal with Max in a moment. So he turned into Fire. then he triesd to throw at Sydney some fireballs. Then Sydney was hit by the fireball that exploded, then she fell near the Turbo Blaster. Then Ultimate Elementor turned into Earth, then he tried to throw a rock at her, which was on the ceiling of the cave. Then Sydney jumped away from the rock, then she threw the Turbo Blaster at Max Steel. Then Max called Steel, then Steel headed to the Turbom Blaster, then he got Ultralinked with the Turbo Blaster. Then Max Steel in his Turbo Base Mode, grabbed it, then Ultimate Elementor got his device and used it to shoot Max Steel. Then Max Steel used his Turbo Blaster. Then the laser of the device was almost stopped by the T.U.R.B.O Energy of the Turbo Blaster. Then Steel said that they will need more T.U.R.B.O Energy, or else they will be fried. Then Max gave out all his T.U.R.B.O Energy, then the Turbo Blaster shot the device, then UItimate Elementor. 

Because of that ray of T.U.R.B.O Energy that was released from the Turbo Blaster was so strong, it sent Ultimate Elementor out of the cave, then to the top. Then he was laying there, but then he saw N-Tek Jump Jets and N-Tek Helicopters coming, then Ultimate Elementor disappeared into thin air, literally. 

In the cave, Max was trapped in some rocks, and Steel released himself from the Turbo Blaster. Then Max was free from the rocks that covered him. Then Max and Steel remembered about Sydney. Then Max and Steel ran to find Sydney, then Max found Sydney, laying on some file of rocks, and was unstable. Then Max got close to Sydney, then he asked Steel if she was okay. Then Steel said that the rays from the T.U.R.B.O Energy and the device may had damaged her or something. Then Sydney woke up, coughing at first, then she opened her eyes, then she saw Max and Steel, then she was asking where was she, what she was doing there, and what was there. Then Steel told Max that she lost her memory. Then Max noticed that. Then Max and Steel were called by Jefferson Smith, who came in the cave, and found the three of them. Jefferson asked if everything was okay. Then Max was going to tell him about the Elementor, but then Jefferson told Max that he was gone, into thin air, literally. Then some N-Tek agents came, then they were helping out C.Y.T.R.O, and they were trying to remove the spikes that were stuck in his body, then Berto was thanking them, but it was hard to remove them. Then Jefferson saw Sydney, then he asked Max who she was. Then he said that it was some citizen. Then Jefferson understood, then he took Sydney with him. Then Max thanked Jefferson and also Sydney for saving him. Then Sydney was surprised, then she said that no one at school will believe that she saved Max Steel. Then she and Jefferson left. Then Steel asked Max if they should tell her again who they are. Then Max told him to leave her. Then Max and Steel got Ultralinked. Then Max said that Steel was right, what ever Sydney doesn't knows could hurt her, then Max said that that was the life of a super hero. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight, then he exited the cave, flying in the sky.

In Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, Ultimate Elementor was there, then Miles Dredd came. Then he asked Elementor where Max was. Then Ultimate Elementor lied to him that they couldn't find him. Then Miles Dredd told him that he understood. Then Ultimate Elementor asked him if there was something he could do to assist him. Then Dredd was thinking about that.

Outside Miles Dredd's Secret Hideout, Ultimate Elementor was angry that they still worked for Dredd. Then also said that if they saw Max next time, he will truly turn into an Elementor. Then they said that they will not need to do that any more, that they will need to do something else than that.


Andrew Francis as Maxwell McGrath Sam Vincent as Steel Sam Vincent as Roberto 'Berto' Martinez Sam Vincent as C.Y.T.R.O Omari Newton as Jefferson Smith Sarah Edmondson as Sydney Gardner Mark Oliver as Miles Dredd Andrew Francis and Brian Drummond as Ultimate Elementor


  • This episode was going to be Shocked to the System, but was retitled, because of Wikipedia's mistake.
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