The Thrill of the Hunt
Max Steel Reboot Troy Winter-2-
Season 1, Episode 8
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
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The Thrill of the Hunt is the eighth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). This episode is when they found a starship and then they find a package, but they wouldn't tell Max and Steel what was inside it. Then a man named Troy Winter later steals it for Miles Dredd. The question is, what is inside the package?! This episode was directed by Logan McPherson & Gino Nichele and written by Rich Fogel. This episode was aired on June 22, 2013.


In this episode, Maxwell McGrathSteel (Who are already as Max Steel in his Turbo Base Mode), and the N-Tek agents are in a snowy place, where they find a starship, which was the one Water Elementor was talking about in Hard Water. Then Commander Forge Ferrus tells them that they (Max and Steel) wanted to be part of N-Tek, so then now they are. So then Forge told Max and Steel that there is a force field. So then when Max was about to turn into Turbo Strength Mode, he is stopped by Forge and then he tells him that Steel will go. Then Katherine 'Kat' Ryan, explains to Steel that he has the technology to cross the force field without any serious damage. So then Steel goes and then he crosses the force field. Then Forge orders Steel to keep going. So then Steel goes in and then there is someone spying on him from far away. 

So then Steel is inside the starship and looks for some button. Then he sees a room and then he sees a button. Then the force field is disactivated and then the N-Tek agents entered the starship. Then when they entered, someone keeps spying on them.

The N-Tek agents are inside, and they later separate to look for something. So then Max enters and he looks inside the starship. Then Jefferson Smith, who has a detector and then he detected the object they were looking for. Then he commands the N-Tek agents he was with that it was that way. So they are searching, until they found what they were looking for.

Then Max is in the room Steel is in and then he asked him how he knew where the button was. Then he told Max that the starship looked familiar for him.

Back with Jefferson, he has the thing and he puts it in the package. Then he informs Forge that he has the object. Then Forge tells him that they got to be moving on. So then the N-Tek agents put a bomb inside the starship and then everyone leave, but then Steel stays there staring at the starship, but then he is rescued by Max and then he asked him what he was doing. Then he told him that if he could know more about his past, like where he came from and what he is.

Then the N-Tek agents are still spied by someone and then as a result, it was Troy Winter and his Henchmen, Vin and Dwayne. Then Troy says that the package will be for them. 

Then Max and Steel were talking and heading to the N-Tek R.O.C.C, but then Forge tell them they cannot go in and that they can use their Turbo Flight Mode to go to N-Tek. So the tanks leave and then Max and Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode, as ordered by Forge. So then they flew away in the sky. 

The N-Tek R.O.C.C are on their way and also Troy Winter and his Henchmen (They were riding motorcycles), who wanted to steal the package from N-Tek. Then Troy and his Henchmen are hidden behind a mountain, and then Troy released a chain with spikes on it. So then when the N-Tek R.O.C.Cs passed, Forge noticed them, but the driver wouldn't stop and then the Tanks exploded. There were also explosives in the mountains, which exploded and fell on the other R.O.C.C. So then Troy and his gang kept going and then they were attacked by N-Tek agents, but then the N-Tek agents were defeated by Troy's Super Sonic Gun. 

Inside the N-Tek R.O.C.C, Forge and Jefferson tried to open the door and Kat and an N-Tek agent secured the package. So then Troy got on top of the Tank and then he got his Super Sonic Gun aimed on the top and Forge inside the Tank had his gun aiming the top, but inside the Tank. Then Troy shot and then the N-Tek agents were defeated. Then Troy entered and stole the package. Then when he was exiting, Forge grabbed him on the leg and then he kicked Forge, then Troy escaped with the package. Then Troy Winter calls his boss, Miles Dredd, that he has the package already.

At N-Tek, the N-Tek agents arrived and then Forge told Max and Steel that they were all attacked and stolen by someone. Then Max and Steel were bragging that someone didn't let two people enter with power. Then Forge told them that they were right. Then Max asked what was inside the package and then Forge didn't want to tell them.

Somewhere in Copper Canyon, Troy and his Henchmen enter their secret hideout and then Vin and Dwayne said that when they get the reward from the boss, they will want to go to Las Vegas. But then Troy Winter tells them that they both will have the 20% of the money, then that he has a surprise from them in his basement. When they entered, they were locked in and they were chased by Troy's Pet Tiger, which was a Black Tiger. Then Troy told them that the Tiger had not ate nothing for days. Then while they are attacked, Troy enjoys the show. Then he hears a car coming. Then it is Jason Naught and an THI Worker that came in Troy's house and came to pick up the package. Then he tells Troy that they would give him the money because it isn't complete. Then Troy gets angry and then a hologram of Miles Dredd appears and informs to Troy that the missing part is at THI. Then Troy tells Dredd that he is working solo. Then Dredd tells him that he will bring him company for the mission.

Then back at N-Tek, Forge, Roberto 'Berto' Martinez, and Max are trying to find out where the package is, but Berto cannot find it. Then Max tells Berto that he can use Steel to detect it, only that Steel wasn't there. 

Then Max finds Steel in some room in N-Tek and then Steel is studying some holographic reconstruction of the starship from his memory file. Then he finds out something, he finds a little orb that looks like the shape of an Ultralink. Then Steel finds out that he is an alien. Then Max and Steel later have questions, like why did Forge destroyed the starship. So then they go back with Forge.

Then they go back to Forge and then Max and Steel want to talk with him, but Forge didn't want to. Then Molly calls Forge that she found things at THI that belonged to Dredd when he owned the place. Then there is a shot at the background. Then Molly finds out she was being attacked by Troy Winter and the Dredd Naughts. Then Molly cuts and Max is worried.

Then Forge orders Berto to calls Molly again, but Berto told him he couldn't. Then Max turns into Turbo Flight Mode and then he leaves N-Tek to rescue his mom. Then Forge orders the N-Tek agent to go. Then Max and some N-Tek agents leave to rescue Molly. 

At THI, Troy and two Dredd Naugths are on their way to the office, until Molly hides and puts on her ninja suit. Then outside the door, Troy orders the Dredd Naught to guard the door so no one else can enter. Then Troy finds the missing part, but then he is attacked by Molly, who is in her ninja suit. Then they fight. 

Then Max Steel enters THI in his Turbo Base Mode, then he sees a troop of Dredd Naughts inside THI. Then the Dredd Naught see them and then they attacked Max and Steel with their guns. Later Max turn into Turbo Strength Mode and then he fights the Dredd Naughts. 

Back at the office, Molly and Troy are still fighting, so Troy doesn't steals the part. But then Molly is defeated by Troy and he finally steals the part. Then he grabs his gun, shoots a window and then he jumps and leaves THI. Then Molly sees the N-Tek agents arrive and then Max and Steel came and then Molly tells him that someone stole the part. So then Max turns into Turbo Flight Mode and then he leaves, in search of the robber. Then Steel finds the man and then the man rides a motorcycle. Then Max follows Troy, but then he is trapped by a net from Troy and then he is released by Steel. Then Steel calls the Turbo Cycle and then they still follow Troy then Troy is called by Dredd, asking him if he had the missing part. Then Troy told him he did, but that he was followed by someone. Then Dredd knew who it was, and then he told Troy that he will bring him company. So then Max is still following Troy and then they stop. Then the ground cracks and then Fire Elementor and Earth Elementor appeared. Then Troy leaves to send the part and then Max is defeated and trapped by The Elementors

At Troy's house, Jason and the THI Worker are there. So Troy sends them the part and they give Troy the reward. Then Jason says that it is very powerful, (And Berto finally finds signal of the package) so then Troy later wanted to keep it for himself, but Jason was angry and he told him that they made a deal, but Troy ignored Jason and then he electrocuted Jason and took the package for himself. 

Back with Max, he is still trapped with Fire and Earth. But then N-Tek come to rescue Max. Then the N-Tek agents attacked Fire and Earth. Then Earth starts defeating the N-Tek agents. Then Steel comes and then Max turned into Turbo Strength Mode and then he was freed. Then Forge ordered everyone to shoot Fire and Earth on their orb, which is their weakness. Then Max defeats Fire and he turns off, but Earth was being attacked, but escaped. Then Fire was captured and then Steel saw the orb, which looked like the shape of an Ultralink. Then Forge informs to Max and Steel that Berto found out where the package was at.

At Troy's house, Troy opens the package and then a hologram of Miles Dredd appears. Then it told Troy that if he was listening to it, then that meant he was betrayed by Troy. Then he told him he will pay the deeds. Then the package exploded and then Troy fell.

Then N-Tek came and they didn't found no one, then Max and Steel found out what was in the package, an Ultralink. Then Jefferson informed Forge that a man named Troy lives in the house. Then Forge orders them to search for him. 

While that, they were spied by Troy Winter in a camera, who states that he is now Extroyer. Then it later appears that he will be the villain of the next episode, Extroyer Unleashed



  • This episode took a long time to air, which was for two months.
  • Water Elementor was mentioned in this episode.
  • This is the second time Max is stopped when he is about to turn into a Turbo Mode, the first one being in C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!
  • It can be possible that Forge didn't want Max and Steel to be in the Tank because he didn't wanted them to find out what was inside the package.
  • Molly uses her ninja suit again in this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Troy Winter, Vin, Dwayne, Troy's Pet Tiger, and the villain of the next episode, Extroyer.
  • Max and Steel discovered that what was in the package was an Ultralink.
  • There are some clues in the show that some people stopped that what was in the package was an Ultralink.
    • One is that the only thing that was in the starship was Ultralinks.
    • Another is that it had to be something that was functionable.
    • Another is that the parts were similar to Steel's technology.
    • Also the parts looked like if it had hexagons or like the shapes Steel has on his face and ams.
    • Also that they said that Troy was turned into Extroyer by a damaged Ultralink, so people thought that he will turn into Extroyer in the same episode he will appear in.
  • Extroyer will be the villain of the next episode, Extroyer Unleashed.
  • Some of Troy Winter's weapons were seen in this episode, and were used in his missions and for attacks a , like when he was fighting Max Steel with his motorcycle, which has bullets on the back of the motorcycle.
  • Extroyer transforms into a black tiger off screen in this episode, or in Extroyer Unleashed.
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