The Secret Admirer
Max Steel Reboot Toxzon-6-
Season 1, Episode 17
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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The Secret Admirer is the seventeenth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). In this episode, Max Steel has been fighting Toxic Zombies. Then Molly receives flowers from a secret admirer. Then the flowers made Molly weird. Then Molly seems to be going somewhere, but Max doesn't knows. But who is behind all this?! And who is the secret admirer, who seems to not be inlove with Molly. This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Trent Carlson. This episode was aired on September 28, 2013.


In this episode, Copper Canyon are being attack by someone or something. Everyone are running, screaming, and freaking out. The attacker later throws things at people, like a wild man.

Max Steel Reboot Turbo Scuba Dive Mode-2-
In the sky, Max Steel (Who is flying in Turbo Flight Mode) is flying and he is heading to the city to save Copper Canyon and the citizens. Then Steel was talking to Maxwell McGrath about the attack. Then Max said that he felt like a school bus. Then Steel said something about soda pop, then Max said that Steel didn't drink soda, nor nothing. Then Steel said to Max that he (Max) always ruin the fun out of things. Then they land and then Max turned into his Turbo Base Mode. Then he was walking and the citizens were running. Then he was heading to who was attacking, then they saw who it was. It was a Toxic Zombie who was doing all the mess and damage. Then Max said that he did not saw that coming. Then Steel told Max something, then the Toxic Zombie lifted a car, then threw it at Max Steel, but Max jumped out of the way and then Steel said that the Toxic Zombie wanted to attack them. Then the Toxic Zombie lifted from off the ground, a stop sign, with the pole stuck to it. Then Max wanted to turn into Turbo Strength Mode, but Steel accidently turned him into Turbo Scuba Dive Mode. Then Max, told Steel that he said Strength Mode, then Steel said that he had the impression that Max said Scuba Dive Mode. Then Max asked Steel why would he say Scuba Dive Mode.

While Max and Steel argued, the Toxic Zombie has the stop sign and he wants to cross the road and to defeat Max, but then he wouldn't cross. Then it turns into a little Video Game, where the Toxic Zombie tries to cross, but he couldn't (There were also like Video Games music).

Then Max and Steel were still arguing. Max says to Steel that he thought that he said Strength Mode. Then Steel said that he heard Max saying Scuba Dive Mode.

The Toxic Zombie is still in the street and it still looks like a Video Game with the music, but then he failed and went back to the sidewalk.

Max and Steel were still arguing. Max told Steel that they were in the middle of the street and that it does not make sense that Max will be asking for Scuba Dive Mode if they were not near water.

Then the Toxic Zombie was still in the sidewalk, waiting to cross. Then he pressed a button on the Streetlight, then the Streetlight turned green, then the cars stopped. Then the Toxic Zombie ran to Max Steel with the stop sign with a metal pole stuck to it. Then Max and Steel were still arguing, until Max turned around and then he saw the Toxic Zombie running directly at him. Then Max screamed to Steel fearfully. Then Max commanded Steel to turn him into Turbo Strength Mode. Then Steel did, this time. Then the Toxic Zombie hit Max Steel with the stop sign, then the Toxic Zombie was scared that he had failed. Then Max Steel grabbed the stop sign, then he batted the Toxic Zombie back to the other sidewalk. Then Max pressed the button on the Streetlight, then it turned green. Then they both run to each others, but Max batted him again, but to an alley, then to a giant trash bin. Then Max Steel walked to the alley, and to the trash bin to see the Toxic Zombie. Then Steel said that he was defeated. Then Max said that he was not sure. He walked to the trash bin, then Steel said that it sounded very quiet. Then Max opened the trash bin a little bit, then the Toxic Zombie popped out, scaring Max and then Max asked to himself why he opened it. Then Max threw the Toxic Zombie back to the trash bin, then Max Steel, in his Turbo Strength Mode still, sat on the trash bin then Max was confused. Max said to Steel that they already fought a Toxic Zombie last week and the week before, but they were not the same one. Then Steel said that there were some similarities to them. Then Max said that something's up and the question is, what. Then the police came to the alley.

Max Steel Reboot Toxzon Toxic Bacteria-3-
Then on top of a roof of a building that was near the alley, someone was spying on Max Steel, the Toxic Zombie, and the police men. The figure was spying on them, with some evil look and something in its mind. That figure that was spying on them, resulted to be Toxzon, who was in his new mode, Toxzon Toxic Bacteria, but was laughing deeply in like in the throat, then he turned around and walked away. That way, you could tell that he had something in his mind. Not something little, something big and evil, which he is planning on right in that moment, when he is leaving to somewhere, to start his evil plan.

In Max's Apartment, a man came to Max's front door, then he had a bush of roses. Then the man said that it was some delivery for Molly McGrath. Then Max asked him if he was sure if he had the right address. Then he said that it was for the McGrath Family. Then Max asked that they were for his mom. Then Molly came and then she asked what was it. Then the man handed the roses to Max, then Max looked at the man with an angry grin, then closed the door.

Then Molly saw a little white card tied to the roses, then she read that it was from someone who said that changed his life and hopes to also changes hers. Then it said that it was from a secret admirer. Then Max was grossed-out, then Steel came and then he was all not so serious. He saying that someone had the hots for Molly. Then he grabbed the roses then gave them to Molly. Then Molly said to Steel in some like not so serious way to not be ridiculous. Then Max said to Steel in a serious tone to not be ridiculous. Then Steel said that he was not being ridiculous and that Molly is so charming, intelligent, and fetching. Then Max was groaning. Then Steel said that Molly is available. Then Max was so annoyed by Steel. Then Molly said to Max that it must had been a mistake, but as Steel said, she is fetching. Then Max said that moms are not allowed to be fetching. Then Steel asked Max if he could allow him to call Molly some girly name like dolly or something. Then Max got annoyed and then he was covering his ears, then walked away from them. Then Molly and Steel were both laughing so hard and then he screen faced the roses that Molly received.

Max Steel Reboot Toxzon's Virus
In N-Tek, Max and Steel were with Roberto 'Berto' Martinez, then he took them to his lab. He told them that he was able to take some DNA samples from those uglies that they had been taking down for weeks, then he found out something from the DNA samples. Then he explained to them that the Toxic Zombies were once humans, until they got infected by some type of virus that turned them into Toxic Zombies. Then Steel was so confused that they were infected by a virus. Then Berto said that what was strange was that the viruses were different, and each ugly were different. Then Max asked if the virus was involving. Then Berto said that it seemed like they were. Then Steel asked Berto into what and why. Then Berto said that it will take sometime to find out more about the virus. Then Jefferson Smith came to the lab (Who was eating a corn dog like always) and asked Max, Steel, and Berto what they were doing there. Then Steel said that they were talking about monsters and mutants like always. Then Jefferson thanked Berto for fixing his N-Tek Jump Jet, Lucille. Then Berto said that it was no problem, then he called him J. Then Jefferson was about to leave when then he saw Max, then he told him if he could tell Molly hey. Then Jefferson left. Then Max turned very angry.

Then Jefferson was leaving, but then Max came to stop him and asked him what was that supposed to mean. Then Jefferson asked about what, confused by what Max was telling him. Then Max said about telling his mom hey. Then Jefferson told Max that next time that when he sees Molly, that he should say hey to her, like a greeting from his part. Then Max told him that he was the one. Then Jefferson asked about what. Then he said to Jefferson to not play dumb to him, that he was the one who sent his mom the flowers. Then Steel tried to stop Max's argument with Jefferson. Then Max told Jefferson that his mom hates flowers and that she is not interested in his stupid Jump Jet. Then Max's Turbo Touch Problem threw Jefferson to the floor and then his corn dog blew up into pieces. Then Steel said oops. Then other N-Tek agents came to see what happened. Then Jefferson stood up and then Max was afraid and guilty. Then Jefferson cleared to Max that they are both bros and that he would do anything if he touches him like that again, and that he will mop N-Tek with Max's face, and then he asked if they were cool. Then Max said yes. Then Jefferson left, but then stopped and told Max that he owed him a corn dog. Then the N-Tek agents left, then Max said to Steel that he thinks that he is a little more sensitive about his mother having a secret crush. Then Steel scolded Max if he thinks he does. Then he left and then Max was left alone, guilty of what he did, then he walked away.

In Max's Apartment, Molly was in the house, with a cup of coffee with her. Then she stopped by the bush of roses. Then she smelled the roses. Then the roses, there were like this yellow dust on them. Then Molly stopped smelling then something weird happened to her. She later was coughing, then growling and her eyes were purple, then normal. Then Molly felt strange, then she walked away from the roses.

Then next morning in Max' Apartment, Max woke up and then he saw Steel in his bed, then he made a little scream. Then Steel woke up and then he was motioned him to not be too close.

So then, Max and Steel woke up and then they both got out of Max's bedroom. Then Max yawned and then he and Steel sat on the table for breakfast. Then Max greeted to his mom, but she didn't seemed to listen. Then Max and Steel stared at each other in confusion. Then they turned to Molly, and then Molly turned around and then walked to Max and Steel. Then she gave Max his breakfast. Then he saw the scrambled eggs with some purple goop. Then he saked her what was it. Then she responded to him that she was some leftover. Then Steel said to Max that is had toxins and then Max asked his mom if she was okay. Then she said that she was never better. Then she grabbed the fork and was going to eat the purple goop. Then Max threw the fork from her hand and then she got angry and grabbed Max's hand, telling him if he dared to touch her. Then she growled. And then Max said that it was him, Max. Then Molly turned normal and then her eyes turned green again. Then she looked around and then asked if she did all the mess. Then Molly grabbed the broom and then she was going to clean up the mess, but then Max stopped her and then he told her to go to bed and rest. Then she left to rest. But then on the way at the door, she coughed and then Max asked if she was okay. Then she said that she was fine. Then she went inside her bedroom, then she slammed the door very hard that a picture fell from the wall and then the broken glass fell on the floor. Then Max and Steel were that they haven't seen Molly react like that. Then Steel said that love can do funny things to a person. Then Max got angry. Then Steel told Max that it was a joke. Then they heard the sound of broken glass inside of Molly's room. Then they ran to her room and then they saw the window's glass that was broken and then they saw that Molly was running on the street. Then Max and Steel ultralinked and then turned into Max Steel in its Turbo Flight Mode. Then Max Steel felw away from the apartment.

Max Steel Reboot Goopaniod Toxic Bacteria-1-
In the streets on Copper Canyon, Molly is running on the street to somewhere, which is unknown where she is planning to go to. Then Max follows her and then she was going to be crashed by a truck, until she was rescued by Max. Then he flew to the park, but then she bit his arm and then they flew. Then Max asked Molly what she was doing. Then she said to him that she only belongs to one person. Then Molly threw up some purple goop. Then Molly ran and then Max was about to fly, until a Goopaniod grabbed Max on the legs, and then the Goopaniod threw him on the floor. Then the Goopaniod roared and then he threw Max at a tree. Then the Goopaniod walks to Max and then Max turns into his Turbo Base Mode and then he asked Steel what was that stuff and how it came out of his mom. Then Steel said that he didn't knew, but then he told him that they show bring the action. Then the Goopaniod was going to hit Max, but then Max jumped away. Then the Goopaniod grabbed the tree and then he started to bat and chase Max Steel.

Then at the park, an old man (Who is Mr. Jones from the episode, Driven) is feeding the ducks that are in the park, and behind him, Max Steel and the Goopaniod are running and Max screams. Then the old man turns around on his right side and sees nothing. Then the Goopaniod and Max runs at the right side and then he hits Max and then the old man turns at his left side and then he sees nothing. Then the Goopaniod grabs Max and then he throws him to the bench that the old man was sitting on, and then the old man's eyeglasses fell on the floor and the ducks went away, with fear. Then the old man is looking for his eyeglasses. Then Max Steel is standing up and then the Goopaniod is running towards Max Steel. Then Max turned into his Turbo Speed Mode and then he ran from the Goopaniod, who is following him. Then Steel said that the monster looked familar to him. Then the Goopaniod grabbed the bench and then he was trying to hit Max Steel, but he couldn't and then it turned into a video game. Then Max Steel hits the Goopaniod and then he sends him flying to the wter fountain. Then Max runs on the water fountain, then he grabs the Goopaniod and then he throws him at the water and then he turns into his Turbo Strength Mode and then he jumps on top of it and then it destroys itself. Then the toxin is on the water and then it disappears. Then Max turns into his Turbo Flight Mode and then he flies and tries to look for his mom. Then Steel saw that she was no where to be found. And then they received a call from Berto, and then he told them that he found out what was causing the virus and then Max said that he had not time for that and that his mom got berserk. Then Berto asked him how. Then Max told Berto that his mom threw up a purple monster and that it was going to hurt him and Steel. Then Berto told him to go to N-Tek. Then he flew to N-Tek.

At the park, the old man sits down on the bench. And then the old man feels sad that he doesn't has his eyeglasses. Then in the pond, a duck swims, and the duck has the old man's eyeglasses.

In Berto's Lab; Max, Steel, and Berto were in his lab, where Berto was going to tell them what he found out about the virus. He explained to Max and Steel that the virus was man-made. The virus was doused in on purpose and changed over time to make it perfect. Thee virus was transmitted by air-born inhaling. Then Berto figured out that the flowers that Molly received, were infected by the virus. Then Max was confused by why that person would do that. Then that was when Steel came in the conversation. Hem found out that it should had been because of revenge, then he reminded Max that the Goop Monster was familar. Then that was when they foudn out who it was, Toxzon.

Max Steel Reboot Toxzon Toxic Bacteria-4-
In the sewers of Copper Canyon, in Toxzon's Secret Hideout, Molly McGrath, who is still controlled and infected with the virus, is walking in the sewer's water and then she is looking for Toxzon. Then she stopped near some platform that looked like a scientist's lab. Then she called Toxzon. Then from the ceiling, there came some capsule, and near the capsule, Toxzon was there, holding on there. Then he told Molly that she was in the location. Then he was glad that she followed his directions. Then he said that as he said in the note, she changed his life when he was fired from THI. Then Fishy said that now, they will changed her life.

In N-Tek, the N-Tek Agents are leaving to Copper Canyon. Max Steel is in his Turbo Cycle, and the N-Tek Agents are in their Jump Jets. Also, with C.Y.T.R.O on their side also. Then Katherine 'Kat' Ryan and Jefferson said that they will defeat Toxzon. Then Commander Forge Ferrus (From N-Tek) commanded the mission to be without mistakes and that it will be a personal one. Then they headed to Copper Canyon, to find Molly and to defeat Toxzon.

Max Steel Reboot Toxzon Toxic Bacteria-8-
In Toxzon's Secret Hideout, Molly is inside of the capsule, who is in some suit and mutating into a toxic mutant like Toxzon. While that, Toxzon was telling Molly his story about what happened in THI, when he was fired. He said that in that day, it al starting with Molly, when he was fired. But also, he said that not only was he turned into the man he is now, but he was also introduced to Max Steel. Then he asked if she knew how he felt. Then he blamed Molly for what was happening to him now. Then he calmed down and then he said that what he planned to for her to join his cause. Then Fishy corrected Toxzon, that ours. Then Toxzon told Fishy that he (Fishy) was right. Then Toxzon pressed some button, which opened the capsule. Then the capsule opened and then Molly got out of the capsule. She was no longer Molly. She was a toxic mutant now, like Toxzon. She was now known as... Toxziana.

Max Steel Reboot Toxzon Toxic Bacteria and Toxziana
In Copper Canyon Park, N-Tek and Max Steel are looking for Molly. Then Kat found out that there was some underground sewer. Then they foudn a drain. Then jsut when Max was going to say something, the ground shoke, like an earthquake. But it was no earthquake. Near the park, the ground was cracking, and then a purple goop erupted from the ground, then Toxzon and Toxziana came out, flying in some surf made out of toxins. Then Toxzon was surprised and glad to see Max Steel. Then Toxzon said that they were talking about him. Then there came Toxziana, who was roaring like a mindless mutt. Then Max said mom, but then Steel reminded Max that Toxzon doesn't knows that Molly is his mom. Then Toxzon introduced to Max Steel, Toxziana and Toxziana, Max Steel. Then Toxzon commanded Toxziana to destroy Max Steel. Then she darted after Max Steel. Then Max Steel went on his Turbo Cycle and then he drove away from Toxziana. Then Toxziana was shooting some goop at Max. Max Steel was protecting himself from the goop attacks that Toxziana was releasing.

Then Toxzon was tanding in his place, relaxing there. Then he his peace was broken. Then the N-Tek Jump Jets and C.Y.T.R.O were in front of him. Toxzon thought for a moment that he was doomed. But then he turned around and flew away from his enemies. Then they followed Toxzon. C.Y.T.R.O started shoot Toxzon with his missiles hands. Then Toxzon was dodging from the attacks. Then he turned around, and said that he would take them down. Then he called them, N-Tek Stooges. Then he started to shoot purple goop at them.

In the streets of Copper Canyon, Max Steel is in his Turbo Cycle. He is racing with the Turbo Cycle, as fast as he can. Then Toxziana was behind him. Then Steel noticed that Toxziana had all the abilities of Toxzon. Then she release her toxic lass, then she made the Turbo Cycle and Max Steel to fall. Then Steel asked Max what was the plan. Then he said to run. Then he went back on the Turbo Cycle and then he ran away from Toxziana. Then she started to shoot some green goop at Max. Then he was dodging from them. Then he told Steel that he didn't want to hurt his mom. Then Steel said that Toxziana didn't seem to feel the same way as Max was feeling. Then she started to chase Max Steel again. Then Max called Berto for help. Behind him, Toxzon was running away from C.Y.T.R.O and the N-Tek Jump Jets.

In N-Tek, Berto was controlling C.Y.T.R.O and fighting Toxzon. Then he asked Max what he wanted. Then Max asked him if his mom was acting like that because of the virus. Then he said that the virus was perfected by Toxzon, so that Toxzon could turn human beings into toxic creatures like him. Then Max asked him she was going stay like that forever (While, he was riding the Turbo Cycle and was dodging from Toxziana's attacks). Then Berto told him that she will not. That unlike Toxzon, the virus has some reverse to the affect. That her mom can turn back to normal with an antidote, but it will take weeks to convert the correct anti-bodies for the antidote. Then Max said that they don't have weeks to cure her. Then Berto told him that while the virus is infecting her body, her mind isn't completely infected. That if she experiences something emotional, that the virus and effect will reverse. Then Max was thinking about some emotional that could reverse the virus in Molly. Then he asked him what would change her. Then Berto told him that he was busy.

So then, Berto was still controlling C.Y.T.R.O. He tried to destroy and stop Toxzon, but he was behind C.Y.T.R.O. Then he shot at C.Y.T.R.O, then Toxzon was glad to had defeated C.Y.T.R.O. Then Fishy told Toxzon gladly, that C.Y.T.R.O will burn. Then C.Y.T.R.O burned down and then he landed at a building, almost destorying all of the place.

In N-Tek, Berto found out that C.Y.T.R.O was defeated. Then he was sad and upset that C.Y.T.R.O was defeated, and wished that C.Y.T.R.O had three lives, like in a video game.



  • Toxzon's appearance, and Toxzon last appeared in Supermania.
  • Toxzon has a new mode, Toxzon Toxic Bacteria.
  • This is the first time that it is seen that Toxzon is dumb.
  • Toxzon looses Fishy, when he was sinking underwater.
  • Fishy is now with N-Tek.
  • Toxzon will come back for Fishy in Gone Fishin', and as his revenge, he will poison the oceans, until he gets Fishy back.
  • The picture that fell from the wall was a picture that was of Molly, who was pregnant and Jim McGrath who is hugging Molly behind her on a tree, which was seen in Come Together Part One.
  • The purple goop was the toxin that Toxzon made for the virus.
  • This shows that Toxzon can control people that have a toxin inside of their body. It is related to something from the original Max Steel, when Toxzon controlled Troy Winter to turn into Extroyer in Max Steel Vs. The Toxic Legion.
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