The Great Turbo Star Caper
Season 2, Episode 24
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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The Great Turbo Star Caper is the 24th episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). It was aired on November 30 in Australia.


Max disobeys his uncle's orders and goes after the Turbo Star.


Miles Dredd uses all of Max Steel's residual T.U.R.B.O Energy to try and power the Turbo Star, but he does not have enough T.U.R.B.O Energy to powers it. he then resolves to catch Max Steel to power his weapon to destroy Makino. Meanwhile, back at N-Tek, Berto tricks Max with his new holoprojector and shows it to him. Then, Forge Ferrus announces that he has to go up to the N-Tek Deadlass Platform, and that Max and Steel will stay behind and guard N-Tek's prisoner, Jason Naught. Max and Steel then steal Berto's holoprojecto and trick Naught into escaping. Naught leads them straight to Dredd's underwater base. The trio fight, and Max and Steel escape, but are crushed and explode, thanks to a missile shot by Naught. Dredd, angry that his hope to destroy Makino and save the planet has been crushed assaults Naught. Meanwhile, Max and Steel sneak into Dredd's base, and it is revealed that they used the holoprojector to trick Dredd and Naught. They proceed to steal the Turbo Star and confront Dredd, who has discovered his ruse. Dredd's base becomes a giant floating platform on top of the water, with tons of missile launchers and a gigantic missile called the "Doombringer" which Dredd aims straight at Copper Canyon. Unfortunately, though N-Tek arrives, Dredd's platform proves to much for them, and their R.O.C.Cs and Jump Jets are easily overpowered. Max and Steel are then captured in a tractor beam, but Steel hacks Dredd's system, and frees them. Plus he sends the Doombringer missile right back at Dredd! Dredd is then captured and the Turbo Star secured.


Andrew Francis as Maxwell McGrath

Sam Vincent as Roberto 'Berto' Martinez and Steel

Michael Dobson as Commander Forge Ferrus

Brian Dobson as Jason Naught

Mark Oliver as Miles Dredd



  • The episode has something to do about the Turbo Star, based on the title of the episode.
  • When Max smashes the Dredd Naughts they look like the old ones, but when you see them lying, smashed, on the floor, they look like the nee Dredd Naughts from Season 2.
  • The Turbo Star is sometimes shown as three pieces or one.
  • Dredd is somehow able to siphon Max's hologram's T.U.R.B.O energy even though it is not real somehow.
  • TheGreatTurboStarCaper (54)
    It is shown in this episode that T.U.R.B.O. Energy can be in liquid form.
  • When Steel and Max were creating a plan to steal the device of Berto, there was a cameo of an old figure of the original Max Steel.
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