The Captive
Length 2 minutes (each part)
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The Captive is a three-part mini epsidoe released in 2016.


Metal Elementor seeks to release the latest prisoner of Ven-Ghan: Makino.


The first part starts with Metallak yelling at Ven-Ghan to release his prisoner, though he refuses. He proceeds to open a door, where Max Steel, in his Turbo Strength Mode, appears as a surprise and attempts to fight him, but he liquifies himself and escapes. Max gets confused but Steel remember him to first free Ven-Ghan and then focus on him. However, before he could, Metallak emerges and deactivate Max's Turbo Strength Mode, so the duo combine Turbo Spike and Turbo Cannon modes to fight. They manage to knock him down and successully untie Ven-Ghan. After thanking Max, Air Elementor and Earth Elementor suddenly appear and Metal awakens and commands them to destroy themm.

Max activates Turbo Speed Mode and manages to escape on a vehicle along with Ven-Ghan. He proceeds to activate its flight mode to escape, but Earth and Air fuse themselves and manage to damage it. They end up being captured by Air and Earth, while Ven-Ghan is violently tossed on the ground by Metallak, who proceeds to free his prisoner: Makino, who continues with his plan of tearing Earth apart with his drill.

Ven-Ghan warns Max that he could destroy the planet in two, so the duo manage to free themselves and activate Turbo Nova Mode, shooting a powerful burst of T.U.R.B.O. Energy that knocks down Makino. The drill proceeds to go deeper and deeper, but Max and Steel successfully manage to stop it just in time. Meanwhile, Ven-Ghan fights against Metallak and manages to capture him with one of his containment capsules. Makino suddenly attacks Ven, but Max appears and knocks the villain down.





  • The vehicle that Max uses to escape is inspired by a vehicle from the classic series that appeared in the movie Dark Rival, released in 2007. Yet it was solely featured on this mini episode, it was introduced and rereleased few times on the toy line, like the 2015 release named Multi Striker Vehicle.
  • It is unknown if this mini episode is canon to the series or not, as it was released after The Wrath of Makino, which marks the titular villain's death. Furthermore, he appears using his first humanoid battle form which was oblitared during the events of The Final Countdown Part Two.
    • In Turbo-Warriors, there is a Team Turbo vault in which they keep objects from Max's past enemies, including Makino's head piece. If it isn't a replica, it is possible that this mini episode is canon yet this time Makino was permanently stopped by Max and Steel.
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