Do not fail this time.

—Black Star Council Councilor, The Ultralink Hunter

The Black Star Council Councillor

Black Star Council Member

Gender Male
Alias TBA
Species TBA
Status TBA
Occupation One of Black Star Council members
Age Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Interests Capturing criminals and make them pay for their crimes
Weapons Unknown
Family Unknown
Allies Ragnok
Enemies Max Steel
Background Information
First Appearance The Ultralink Hunter
Last Appearance Fugitives
Voiced By Trevor Devall (1st voice)
Giles Panton (2nd voice)
The Black Star Council Councilor (or Hooded Figure [1]) is a mysterious alien who usually helps the Ultralink Hunters or other members in giving missions or information about their targets. He debuted in The Ultralink Hunter and was previously voiced by Trevor Devall, but he is later voiced by Giles Panton in Fugitive, which marks his last appearance.


Early Life

His origins are unknown, but he seems to have a connection with The Black Star Council, being also the possible leader. In its appearances, he appears as an hologram informing about the fugitives to other members of the council.

Season 2

The Ultralink Hunter

In its second attempt of capturing Steel, the councilor commented with Ven-Ghan that he had to capture the fugitive and shouldn't fail this time by any means possible.


He appeared talking with Ragnok shortly after he completed one of the missions that the councilor proposed. He proposed to Ragnok capture Steel and mainly Ven-Ghan, who apparently had betrayed the council after he deceived them saying that Steel was destroyed during the fight against Makino.

Shortly after Ragnok was defeated by Ven-Ghan, he appeared talking with him, saying that he had failed the council.


He uses a coat that almost covers all his face. The coat has the shape of a star in the front and his face cannot be seen. The coat also have some lines around his body.


He seems to be very strict, serious and he doesn't tolerate it when someone fails in the missions that he gives.


  • Curiously, the front of his coat has the shape of a star, which implies that he may be the leader of The Black Star Council.


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