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Morphos Ahead

The Black Star Council is a large group of cloaked, intergalactic aliens that employ bounty hunters to hunt fugitives and threats against the galaxy, like Makino's evil Ultralinks.


The Black Star Council have been around for an undetermined amount of time and are a group of aliens that have survived attacks from Makino's soldiers and have united to defend others from them and make them pay for their crimes. They employ others like bounty hunters to hunt those deemed dangerous and enemies against the galaxy.

A member of the council named Ven-Ghan makes its first appearance on Season 2's Ultralink Invasion Part One, where it is revealed that the council is after Steel, who is considered a fugitive due to the fact that they believed that the had killed Jim. Ven fails multiple times in capturing Steel and ultimately ends up betraying the council after claiming that Steel was destroyed in a battle against Makino. However, the council later on discover that Ven had betrayed them and now are after both Steel and Ven-Ghan, whom they attempt to capture by sending Ragnok, another bounty hunter, but he ends up failing.

Known members


  • Some of them have experienced Ultralink attacks.
  • Known members are tattooed with three points around a circle in a sort of star shape.
  • Ven-Ghan mentioned several times that the council sometimes redeem the Ultralinks that they capture.
  • It is unknown if the Black Star Council will reapper in the series, as after the events of The Final Countdown Part Two Ven-Ghan seemingly disappeared, leaving this arc unresolved, and the council is not mentioned again.
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