These are the transformations that Terrorax used in the films of Turbo-Charged and Turbo-Warriors


Max Steel: Turbo-Charged

After injecting Terror Energy on himself Terrorax unlocks his first form.

Max Steel: Turbo-Warriors

during his fight with max on the top of the Pantheon he unlocks his second and last form.

List of Transformations

Terrorax Mutant Mode

Terrorax's mutant form

Terrorax's first form unlocked in Turbo-Charged,it has superhuman conditions and the ability to creat axes

made out of terror energy as a weapon,also to creat a medium-sized drill at the center of his chest.

Terrorax Dragon Mode

Terrorax's dragon form

Terrorax's second and last form unlocked in has superhuman conditions and the ability to

flight with the large wings on his back and the ability to creat axes on both hands instead of using them as a weapon,it is more powerfull than the mutant one.


  • all of the forms feature purple color like the crystals on extroyers forms.
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