Technology - it's our heart, it's our soul. Here at Trans Human Industries, we are creating the future, today. To the food you eat, to the air you breath. THI is transforming the human experience. THI, let us become a part of you.

Jason Naught

Max Steel Reboot THI

THI, which stands for Trans Human Industries, is a business that was founded by Miles Dread. The organization produces a lot of products, like electronic devices, but since Molly McGrath began to lead it, they are now using the technology to help N-Tek and the world. THI is almost seen in every episode like N-Tek, but it first appeared in Come Together Part One.


Early History

The organization was founde by Miles Dread after the accident involving the Turbo Star on N-Tek. Through unknown means, Dread created THI, and considering he was too weakned, he created to Jason Naught to be the CEO.


When Molly McGrath started to work on THI, Jason Naught freed with Miles Dread to help him with his plans, and Molly eventually took his place, thus becoming the new CEO of the company. THI few times had a vital role for Dread's (and other villains) plans, as seen in Come Together Part Three or Makino Strikes Part Two.

THI was also constantly visited by Maxwell McGrath and his friends in few episodes from Season 1.

During the events of Maximum Morphos, Jason becomes once again the CEO of THI after Morphos becomes the president of Copper Canyon.

Known THI Workers


  • In secret, THI had Airships, weapons, security cameras, and many workers.

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