Sydney Link


Gender Female
Alias Syd Link
Phone Link
Species Human Link
Status TBA
Occupation Makino's minion
Age 16 years old
Homeworld Earth
Interests Make Makino's army stronger
Destroy Max Steel
Weapons Pink lasers
Family TBA
Allies Makino
Kirby Link
Butch Link
Enemies Max Steel
Background Information
First Appearance My Best Friend is an Ultralink
Last Appearance My Best Friend is an Ultralink
Voiced By Sarah Edmondson
Sydney Link or Phone Link is a one-time villain introduced in Season 2. It is the result of a Pink Stealth Ultralink bonded with Sydney Gardner and her cell phone. She debuted in My Best Friend is an Ultralink and was voiced by Sarah Edmondson, the person usually portraying Sydney.


Alongside with other two Evil Ultralinks, she was wandering Copper Canyon until Ven Ghan found them and asked for Max's help to capture them. While Max was going to meet Ven Ghan, Butch and his sidekicks follow him, which captures Sydney and Kirby's attention. When they came to a dead end, she, alongside with the other Ultralinks, bonds with Max's friends. The Stealth Ultralink bonded with Sydney, creating Phone Link.

Since Sydney was mind-controlled, she started to attack Max with lasers. Max tried to help them, but he was ultimately defeated and his friends escaped to the sewers. After Ven Ghan appeared, Max asked for his help to remove the Ultralink from his friends. After Max arrived on the sewers, Sydney destroyed the Ultralink that Ven used to track down them and later attacked Max with a pink laser after laughing.

After Max and Ven were sent to an empty water reservoir, she attacked Ven with a pink laser. When Kirby was unlinked, Sydney appeared and Max remembered her how brave, beautiful and prepared she was until Butch attacked Max. Sydney recovers her conscience and manages to debilitate the bond and Ven Ghan appears and remove the Ultralink from Sydney's head, later making her faint.


  • Pink Lasers: Her main ability consisted in shoot lasers with her hands or tentacles on her back. The lasers were powerful enough to take down Max in Turbo Strength Mode temporarily.


Like other Ultralinks, she blindly followed Makino's orders and wanted to make his army stronger. When Max tried to bring Sydney back, she usually ignored and even laughed.


  • After Sydney Gardner recovered her consciousness as Sydney Link, she protect Max Steel.
  • She was the second female villain introduced in the series, the first being Toxziana. However, unlike her, Sydney Link had a minor role.
  • Alongside with Kirby Link and Butch Link, she was the one of only teenager villains in the whole series.
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