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Season 1, Episode 11
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Supermania is the eleventh episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). The evil mad genius, Toxzon, has escaped from prison and wants to contaminate Copper Canyon's water supply. But then, Steel later gets obsessed with superheroes cartoons and comics. Also, Steel added new lame Turbo Modes and Max is getting sick of it. How will they defeat Toxzon if Steel is obsessed with superheroes?! This episode was written by Brandon Auman and directed by Logan McPherson & Jeremy Brown. This episode was aired on July 13, 2013.


In this episode, the evil mad genius, Toxzon is arrested in Copper Canyon Jail. Toxzon is neutralized and he is playing chess with his friend, Fishy. Then the Prison Guard walk pass Toxzon and then he called him crazy, because he was talking with Fishy, which he (The Prison Guard) knew that Fishy was just a plastic fish, and he called Toxzon by his real name. Then Toxzon stated that his name is Toxzon. Then the Prison Guard said that not in jail it isn't, until Max Steel took him down. Then Toxzon was remembering about him and he was angry of Max Steel, because he was reason why he was in prison. Then Toxzon decided to take a step forward. So then, he turned into his main transformation, which he told Fishy that it comes from a blood that runs through his veins. Then Toxzon took Fishy with him and then he escaped from his prison cell. Then the Swat army came and the Swat Captain told him to stop, but Toxzon didn't stopped. Then he flew in the air, on his way to Copper Canyon.

At Copper Canyon Jail, Maxwell McGrathSteel (Who was were Max Steel in his Turbo Base Mode), Jefferson SmithKatherine 'Kat' Ryan, and some N-Tek agents, were looking at the escape scene and they were trying to look for clues. Then they couldn't find no clues, nor what he is planning on doing. Then Steel said that they should bare their noses. Then Max told him that he (Steel) doesn't have a nose. Then just when they were going to leave, they were stopped by the Prison Guard, who wanted Max and Steel to sign his Hero-Man comic book. So then he was happy then he said that it was the best day ever, except when Toxzon escaped.

Outside of Copper Canyon, near the sewer, Toxzon was there, watching all Copper Canyon. Then he said to Fishy that for his revenge, he will destroyed Max Steel's so called "home". Then he said that he will wipe Copper Canyon off the map, with a storm. Then Toxzon left flying. 

At Max's house, Steel was watching this cartoon on Max's television of a superhero named Hero-Man. In the episode, Hero-Man and his female sidekick, Laser-Lass, were fighting off a giant monstrous cobra called Cobrasauras. Max tried to tell Steel to stop watching it, but he wouldn't. Then Max was getting annoyed about the cartoon and that he wanted Steel to stop watching that. Then Steel put the volume higher and Hero-Man was saying his famous catchphrase. Then the credits rolled and then Steel said that he understood why humans are interested in superheroes. Then he used Max's computer and then he explored more about superheroes.

The next morning, Molly McGrath, Max's mother, woke Max up and then she asked why there were superheroes things, and with her credit card. Then Max tried to explain to her about Steel, but she told him that she wanted everything to be turned back before she comes back from work at night. So then, Molly left to THI. Then Steel woke up and then he saw everything he ordered and then he took out a Rodent-Man T-shirt, which he later wore on. Then Max tried to explain to Steel about what they should do with the orders, but they received a call from N-Tek. It was Kat, who told Max that they found Toxzon. Then Max said that he was happy that he (Toxzon) was back to jail. Then Kat told him that he isn't in jail, that he is in Copper Canyon's Hazard Wasteland. Then Steel informed to Max that it is close to them. Then the floor shakes and then they saw an explosion from the Copper Canyon's Hazard Wasteland. Then Steel figured out that the smoke and explosion was from a chemical fire, caused by Toxzon. Then the screen goes and faces at the chemical fire.

Then Firefighters were on their way to the chemical fire. Then Max and Steel got out and then they ran to an ally and then Max was going to say Turbo Flight Mode, but Steel turned him into Turbo Super Flight Mode, which was a very lame Turbo Mode that had a cape that was up, making them look like if they fly all the time, and some helmet. Then there was another explosion from the chemical fire. So then, Max Steel went flying to the Copper Canyon Hazard Wasteland. 

At the Copper Canyon Hazard Wasteland, the Firefighters were there and they tried to stop the chemical fire. Then Max Steel came and then he saw some of the workers from the Copper Canyon Hazard Wasteland, which were trapped in the chemical fire. Then Steel was talking like a superhero and then Max Steel flew to the Copper Canyon Hazard Wasteland, then he grabbed the hoses, and when they tried to stop the chemical fire, the fire was getting bigger. Then the police was coming also to the rescue. Then Steel decided to use something solid. Then Steel was talking so stupidly, like if talking angry, then turned into Turbo Super Strength Mode. Then Max Steel grabbed a piece of concrete and then threw it at the chemical fire. The workers were saved. Then Max Steel was trying to look for Toxzon, then a worker aid that he (Toxzon) was in the Processor. Then Steel said something, then they left.

Then Max Steel was inside the Processor, then Steel said that his Turbo Sense was ding donging. Then Max told him he doesn't has a Turbo Sense. Then Toxzon appeared, who was in his second transformation and was carrying a barrel with a toxin. Then Toxzon said that he will destroy the city. Then Steel was talking again like a superhero, and then Max tried to stop Steel from talking like that. Then Toxzon was tired about Max and Steel arguing. Then Steel didn't stopped and then Toxzon defeated Max Steel easily and then he escaped to the city. Then Kat and Jefferson went to Copper Canyon Hazard Wasteland and then they saw Max Steel defeated. Then Steel said that they should regroup at N-Tek (But in a superhero way he said it).

At N-Tek, Commander Forge Ferrus, Kat, and Jefferson were trying to find out why Toxzon attacked the Copper Canyon Hazard Wasteland. Then Max Steel who was in his Turbo Super Flight Mode and then he was made fun by Forge, Kat, and Jefferson. Then Forge told him that he used to read comic books as a kid, but that Max ruined that for him, just because he saw him in his new Turbo Mode. Then Max told them to ask Steel about it. Then Roberto 'Berto' Martinez came in and then he saw Max Steel at first, then at Forge, Kat, and Jefferson.

At N-Tek, Berto told them that he found that Toxzon was stealing some liquid that could poison the city's water supply. Then Forge ordered Kat and Jefferson to secure the city's water supply. Then he ordered Berto to make some antidote for the water poison. Then Forge ordered Max Steel to look for Toxzon. Then Max Steel used the Turbo Cycle.

Then they went out to the city and two teenagers laughed about Max Steel's new appearance, when he passed by them. Then Max Steel headed to Toxzon's Lair, but they didn't found him. Then they went on the roof top of a building to have a better view, then Max Steel was called by Jefferson and Kat, informing Max that the water supplies are safe. Then there was a rain, but not any rain. Then Toxzon appeared, contaminating the sky, causing an acid rain.

The citizens of Copper Canyon were scared of the acid rain, then they inside places to protect themselves. Then Max Steel flew to the sky and then Max asked Steel what was the thing, then Steel told him that it was some poison, as Berto said, but that Toxzon was doing it very well, that it is still in vapor form. Then Max Steel was fighting with Toxzon, and Steel was doing some superhero sound effects. Then Toxzon defeated Max Steel. Then C.Y.T.R.O came to help Max, and Toxzon was glad to see C.Y.T.R.O again. Then Toxzon released some Goopaniods and then Toxzon left, still poisoning the sky. Then C.Y.T.R.O gave Max the Turbo Sword. So Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O defeated the Goopaniods, until the puddles of the toxins reunited and then there was a giant Goopaniod. Then C.Y.T.R.O gave Max Steel the antidote for the poison. Then Max Steel leaf to stop Toxzon and C.Y.T.R.O had to face the giant Goopaniod.

Max Steel tried to throw the antidote at the epicenter of the sky, but then Toxzon bumped in and then he defeated Max. Then Steel had a plan. Then Max Steel saw the giant Goopaniod defeating C.Y.T.R.O. Then Max asked Berto if he was okay. Then Berto said yes, and then why. Then Max said nothing to him. So then, Max Steel went back with Toxzon, to try out Steel's plan, but then they were defeated by Toxzon again. Then Max and Steel saw Toxzon turning the sky to normal. Then C.Y.T.R.O saw Toxzon turning the sky to normal, then he asked them how they did it. Then Max asked Steel how he did it. Then Steel told them that he injected the antidote to Toxzon. Then Toxzon was neutralized, and then he wanted to escape. So Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O wanted to capture Toxzon, but they failed because of something C.Y.T.R.O did and Toxzon escaped.

At N-Tek, Forge told them that the acid rain would had made a lot of damage, but Forge was happy about Max, Steel, and Berto. Then Max was still worried that Toxzon escaped. Then Steel was still talking like a superhero, making Forge, Kat, Jefferson, and Berto leave. Then Max had enough and then he told Steel what was the whole deal. Then Steel told him that some superheroes came from mysterious planets, and they have strange pasts, like him, so that was why. Then Max was glad and then he asked Steel if they could use the old Turbo Mode new time.



  • First time Toxzon is seen in a new transformation and also seen neutralized.
  • Lee Tockar voiced a lot of characters in this episode.
  • The Turbo Super Strength Mode was similar to Hulk, if you could see the pants.
  • Max Steel smash is similar to Hulk smash.
  • Turbo Sense is similar to Spider Sense.
  • Second time Goopaniods appear.
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