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The Stealth Ultralinks are a subspecies of Ultralinks, featured by four arms, round body and the common red variation. They are smarter than the Drone Ultralinks. They can use a enhanced furtiveness as their main weapon, being able to appear and disappear. One of them appeared in Earth Under Siege Part Two, which marked their debut.


Season 1

Earth Under Siege Part Two

A orange variation of a Stealth Ultralink linked with one of N-Tek's tanks and created Tank Link. He started to attack few more tanks until Max Steel tried to stop him, but failed. Jefferson shortly after launches a missile on the Ultralink, thus destroying him.

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One



These Ultralinks are sneaky - keep your eyes peeled!


These Ultralinks are sneaky and fast - keep your eyes peeled!


These Ultralinks are sneaky - and they may attack you!


Sneaky, fast and harder to capture - watch out for their attack!


They have a round body and all variations possesses black and grey parts (like other Ultralinks) with small parts in an specific color (like red or purple) having a triangle pattern. Their arms have sharp edges.

Known Stealth Ultralinks


  • The most common variation is the red version.
  • They possesses similar traces in their armor compared to Steel.
  • The shape of their body are similar to the Headcrabs from the Half Life franchise, particularly when they are linked with humans, seen with Sydney Link.
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