Secret Attack La Fiera
Stealth La Fiera is one of La Fiera's action figures. It was released in 2017 in the first wave of action figures and is a part of Turbo Charged and Connect-Tek.


  • Stealth La Fiera VS Leech Extroyer: Can La Fiera, equipped with dagger, stop the menacing Leech Extroyer?


La Fiera has a red helmet with black details and a visor with the shape of the letter V. La Fiera has a black armor with a white piece in the right part of the chest and shoulder featuring Team Turbo's new green logo, three rips in the left chest and few poligons on his abdomen. He wears a black forearm pad on his left arm with a green glove featuring a blade protuding from its fist. He also wears red boots. La Fiera has eleven points of articulation and doesn't comes with any accessory, since he is a part of the basic subline.



  • Stealth La Fiera is actually a repaint of Base Mode La Fiera, but with few alterations, such as the poligons on his abdomen.
  • The Official Website incorrectly listed Stealth La Fiera as "Team Turbo La Fiera".

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