Split Decisions
Season 1, Episode 22
Air Date November 2, 2013
Written By Matthew Drdek
Directed By Logan McPherson
Daniel Ife
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Split Decisions is the twenty second episode in the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Daniel Ife. This episode was aired on November 2, 2013.


When the Elementors can't stop arguing with themselves, they decide to settle their differences by splitting up and hunting for Max Steel.


Important Events


  • This episode was going to focus in Jason Naught instead of The Elementors. The summary of the episode was "Naught (tired of being beaten by Max and demeaned by Dredd) somehow gets Max Steel to a deserted island (or whatever we feel will make for a good backdrop for a mega battle). Naught broadcasts their battle to N-Tek and to Dredd (in an attempt to show how tough/worthy he really is). Big fight all episode long!"
  • It is revealed in this episode, that Berto knew about the Turbo Cannon Mode all the time, but he never said anything to anyone, except when he was hypnotized. However, how he found the information of this mode is unknown, and is still a mystery.
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