Spider Extroyer action figure
Spider Extroyer is one of the character's action figures. It was released in the first half of the 2014 toy line and belonged to the Land Invasion subline.


Extroyer has pink eyes, dark purple teeth and his jaw is entirely made out of crystals. The back of his head has four pink eyes, a portion of crystals incrusted in the right side of his forehead and purple teeth. Extroyer's body is mostly black but he has purpish silver accents on many paarts of his body, such as his chest, forearms, thighs and shins. Much like previous releases, the right side of his shoulder has purple crystals and he has a monstrous right hand with many crystals and three claws. His left hand features three clawed fingers and he has four toes on each feet. He has eight points of articulation and comes with one accessory.

The figure's design allows him to change to a spider. Extroyer's arm and legs can be split in half to simulate the eight legs of an actual spider and a button on his chest allows his head to turn into that of a spider. He also comes with a black blaster which can fire a mini purple spider. The accessory can be also held either by his left hand or be inserted onto his abdomen.



  • Spider Extroyer Vs Triple Threat Max

    Spider Extroyer Vs Triple Threat Max

    A commercial of Triple Threat Max Steel was made in 2014. The setting was based around the episode Extroyer Unleashed, from the first season.
  • The prototype of this figure feature slightly difference in paint and sculpture. Both of Extroyer's feet were changed, with the left being similar to the leg of an actual spider and the right looking more humane. The spider preys on Extroyer's head was also changed to look less visible and the legs of the mini spider that he comes with has a different paint in the actual release.
  • The transformation process was most likely inspired by the original Spider Extroyer action figure from the classic toy line.

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