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Season 2 (original title: Ultralink Invasion) is the second season of Max Steel. It was confirmed during the first half of 2013 and its first episdoe aired in April 2014.

In this season, Max and Steel must defend the earth from Makino and his Ultralinks, and discover the truth behind their pasts.


Arc: The Invasion of Ultralinks

Max Steel Reboot Ultralink-1-
Maxwell McGrath and his best friend Steel saved Earth from the second invasion of Ultralinks and they discover that now, there is a large fleet of Ultralinks coming to Earth to destroy and expand. Steel is captured by a mysterious Ultralink hunter named Ven-Ghan, who wants to bring him to justice.

Arc: Turbo Star

When Makino invaded Earth for the first time, Maxwell McGrath and Steel faced the worst enemy that they ever fought against, but they fortunately managed to defeat him. However, they later on discover that Makino is still alive and the only thing that can possibly stop him is the Turbo Star. There is only on problem: Miles Dread, Max's arch-nemesis has two parts of the Turbo Star, and there is only one left. Now, they have to rush to get the last piece from Dread's hands, with the arrival of Makino's Armada breathing down on their necks.

Arc: Makino on Earth

Makino invaded Earth but was successfully stopped by Max and Steel. Now, Makino returns to Earth with a large fleet of Ultralinks, ships and the worst of them: the Alphalink. To defend against Makino, N-Tek built the Daedelus Plataform, a giant weapons platform with powerful artillery. Alongside, Max and Steel have the Turbo Star to use against Makino.





New Characters


  • Ven-Ghan - A mysterious bounty hunter from the stars that wants to capture Steel for its crimes. He eventually betrays The Black Star Council and allies with N-Tek in order to take down Makino and his Ultralinks.
  • Furbo - One of Berto's creations, he is Steel's cybernetic dog.
  • T.J. - Turbo Jet's AI (Artificial Intelligence). She was Steel's crush.
  • Torbolt - One of the few known good Ultralinks alongsid with Steel. He wanted to break free from Makino's control and doubted about his destructive ways.
  • Jim McGrath (actual appearance) - Max's father and one of N-Tek's co-founders.
Minor Heroes


Minor Villains or One-Time Villains
  • Plaztek - A Stealth Ultralink who accidentally bonded with Fishy. Clumsy and defective, he wanted to eliminate the humanity but was ultimately killed by Max Steel with the Turbo Drills.
  • Avatak - Another Megalink who linked by accident with a object, in this case, a videogame. He was used by Toxzon to defeat Max and Steel on a game, but was ultimately killed by a bug on it.
  • Reaper Links - Originally a purple Stealth Ultralink and a blue Fighter Ultralink, they linked with grim statues to find out the T.U.R.B.O. Energy source on the museum of Copper Canyon.
  • Ultralink Monsters - They are evil Ultralinks who linked with some weapon, object or being to create monsters to fortify Makino's troops.
  • Ragnok - He is one of the most feared hunters on the galaxy. After Ven-Ghan's betrayal, he was sent by The Black Star Council to capture him and Steel.
  • X376 - An evil Ultralink tasked with uploading a reprogramming virus with Steel, but ended up failing.
  • Butch Link - The result of an unknown subspecies of Ultralink bonded with Butch, who uses his brute strength on battles.
  • Sydney Link - The result of a Stealth Ultralink bonded with Sydney, who used rays as its main weapon.
  • Kirby Link - The result of an unknown subspecies of Ultralinks that bonded with Kirby and gave him the a cannon launcher capable of releasing soda waves.
  • Forge Link - After being forcibly linked with an evil Ultralink, Forge temporarily served Makino and his forces and played a key role on his first attempt of conquering Earth while he was present there.
  • Xenoshok - They are the result of Makino Elite Ultralinks bonding with an unknown creature likely similar to a worm.
  • Nano Goopanoids - They are Goopanoids who serves as white cells for Toxzon's body.
  • N-Tek Link - An evil Ultralink of the Stealth subspecies who bonded with N-Tek's systems.


List of Episodes

Like the previous season, there are more 26 episodes, each containing 22-30 minutes.

  1. Ultralink Invasion Part One
  2. Ultralink Invasion Part Two
  3. Dredd Ascendant
  4. Toxic Relationship
  5. Full Metal Racket
  6. Animal Attraction
  7. Turbo Deep Star Sea
  8. Ultralink Hunter (Episode)
  9. Digital Meltdown
  10. Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon
  11. Hot Zone (Originally titled as "The Loss of Space")
  12. Lights, Camera, Max!
  13. Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah
  14. Makino Strikes: Part One
  15. Makino Strikes: Part Part Two
  16. Got Turbo Star
  17. My Best Friend is an Ultralink
  18. Me, Myself, and Extroyer
  19. Definitely Fear the Reaper
  20. Turbolt the Terrible
  21. Reprogrammed
  22. A Germ of an Idea
  23. Fugitives
  24. The Great Turbo Star Caper
  25. The Final Countdown Part One (Originally titled as "Turbo Nova Part One" and "Into The Darkness Part One")
  26. The Final Countdown Part Two (Originally titled as "Turbo Nova Part Two" and "Into The Darkness Part Two")


The second season was officially confirmed in April 9, 2013 by FremantleMedia. It was confirmed that the second season would have more 26 episodes, each having around 23-30 minutes.[1]

In December, two videos were released in FremantleMedia's official website and eventually they were found by fans. The trailers showed few deleted scenes from the second season, but it mostly featured scenes from the first season. The first trailer featured Kirby Kowalski narrating the events of the second season and giving a brief explanation about Max and Steel's relationship, and the second trailer mostly featured scenes about first season and reused the same scenes from the first trailer. The first trailer was also available in a DVD released in 2015 that came with the toys.

Max Steel Reboot Trailer 2 temporada-0

Max Steel Reboot Trailer 2 temporada-0

Beforet the actual release of the second season, there were few new Bonus Clips featuring new villains released on the Official Website.

The second and official trailer was released first in the official website of Max and Steel and few days later on YouTube. In this version, the whole trailer focused in the events happening in the second season and announced the Ultralink Invasion app, which also spoiled few important details of episodes.

The Ultralink Invasion is on! Max Steel Season 2 Trailer-1431991638

The Ultralink Invasion is on! Max Steel Season 2 Trailer-1431991638

Toy Line

With the premiere of the second season, a new toy line was released by the end of 2013. It featured new characters and focused in the Ultralink Invasion, as the word "invasion" is seen in every title for every subline.

In Latin America, there were three sublines released, being those:

  • Aerial Invasion: When the forces of evil launches their attack from above, Max Steel quickly transforms into Turbo Flight Mode and uses his amazing aerodynamic ablities. Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy throws him to the space with lightning speed and powerful artillery-tech maintain the invasion under control.
  • Aqua Invasion: The entire planet is under threat of invasions and even the oceans aren't safe. Max can use his amazing and turbofied maneuvers, being offensive or defensive, floating or submerged on the depths, successfully defending the oceans against the aquatic invasion.
  • Land Invasion: Mega villains, monsters and mayhem are a part of the daily work for Max Steel, so when a ground invasion occurs, nor the most powerful invaders can fight against Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy and sophisticated weapons that Max uses to protect Earth from all kinds of enemies.

Meanwhile, there were more 6 inch toys released worldwide. The toy line had the same time as Latin America's line, as each character came with a mini figure of an Ultralink and there was a panel labelled "Ultralink Invasion". After the second half of 2014, the toys becames slightly more sofisticated, gaining more articulation and details. There were other toys planned to be released, but they never hit the shelves due to unknown reasons.


  • Toxzon, alongside with Extroyer, made only five appearences in this season, which are less appearences than in the previous season.
  • In the finale of this season, the Ultralink Invasion accords.
  • Max Steel unleashes new Turbo Modes, like Turbo Heat Mode, Turbo Rocket Mode, and Turbo Spike Mode.
  • Season 2 forced more into the Ultralinks than any other villain from the series.
  • Unlike the first season, the second didn't aired on Disney XD.
  • Before the actual premiere of Season 2, there were lots of rumors about a character named Dark Titan, that supposdedly would be Max's evil counterpart, having similar abilities with his own energy, as well an Ultralink similar to Steel. Electrix, Bio-Constrictor and Dragonelle were planned to return. However, Mattel, as well some of the workers, confirmed that there were no plans involving Dark Titan, nor other characters of the old series.
  • The opening of the second season has a callback to Supermania when Max appears using his Turbo Super Mode.


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