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Season 1 is the first season of the new TV Series of Max Steel. It was firstly announced by Mattel in 2012, and only aired in 2013.

In this season, it marks the beggining of everything, including the appearence of the old villains (for example, Extroyer, Toxzon and The Elementors), how Max and Steel knew each other, and the revelation of the N-Tek agency, alongside with the agents.


When a teenager named Maxwell McGrath discovers that he can generate T.U.R.B.O Energy, a destructive, but powerful energy, he meets Steel, the alien able to control it. Together, they fuse and create Max Steel, the turbofied superhero! They are going to defeat the bad guys, save the world, and stop alien invasions ... Hero stuff, but after all, discover the truth about their pasts, which Commander Forge Ferrus hide.




  • Miles Dredd - He is one the arch enemy of Max Steel, and ironically, one of the founders of N-Tek. Dredd has the ability of absorb the T.U.R.B.O Energy of Max to get more powerful, through the device that got stuck on his chest.
  • Extroyer - Originally, he was a bounty hunter named Troy Winter, which worked to Miles Dredd. However, he got mutated when an Ultralink exploded on his chest, creating the bestial Extroyer. He has the ability of shapeshifting into animal that he sees, or touches.
  • Toxzon - Originally, he was a very smart man named Tytus Octavius Xander, that firstly worked on N-Tek, and lastly, on THI. He was fired by Molly McGrath and got a grudge against her, but everything got worse when he mutated into a mutant with the ability of absorbing toxins.
  • Fishy - He was the company of Toxzon, which helped him in the plans, or with advices. In fact, he is just a pen-drive, which doesn't talk and is immovable.
  • Goopaniods - They are monsters that were created by Toxzon, being his sidekicks. They are divided into various groups, and some have special abilites that other don't.
  • Makino - He only appeared during a short time in Earth Under Siege Part Two, where he talked with Miles Dredd. Like his previous incarnation, Makino has the ability of controlling technology.
  • The Elementors - They are monsters which linked with the elements of nature, being them fire, earth, water, and air (later, metal).
  • Jason Naught - A robot that was created by Miles Dredd to assume the CEO of THI. Indeed, he later revealed to be a robot, dispite the fact the he looks like a normal human.
  • Colonel Castle - He worked for Miles Dredd to find a way to capture Max Steel. However, he was captured by N-Tek and is unknown what happened with him.
  • Axel - A man that worked for Jason Naught, which was hired to complete only the dirty work.
  • Dredd Naughts - An army of robots that was created by Miles Dredd to fight against N-Tek's agents. There are many types of them, some being very powerful.
  • Murakami - He is a villain that only appeared in Live by the Sword, possessing Kirby Kowalski. He was a ninja in Japan in many years ago, that had only one goal: to conquer the world. However, he got stuck on a sword that a man created, and was waiting to someone touch it, to finally possess the being, and cause caos and destruction.
  • The Ninjas - They are only holographic villains that were created by Berto as a part of the training system of N-Tek.


Season 1 Episodes

  1. Come Together Part One
  2. Come Together Part Two
  3. Come Together Part Three
  4. Cleaning House
  5. Secret Identity Crisis
  6. C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!
  7. Hard Water
  8. The Thrill of the Hunt
  9. Extroyer Unleashed
  10. Live by the Sword
  11. Supermania
  12. Uncle Sam Wants You!
  13. Elements of Surprise Part One
  14. Elements of Surprise Part Two
  15. Driven
  16. The Truth Hurts
  17. The Secret Admirer
  18. Scrambled
  19. X Marks the Spot
  20. Gone Fishin'
  21. Making The Grade
  22. Split Decisions
  23. Pick Your Poison (Originally know as "Secret Agent Men")
  24. Thanks, I Think
  25. Earth Under Siege Part One (Originally know as "Space Invaders Part One")
  26. Earth Under Siege Part Two (Originally know as "Space Invaders Part Two")


  • In some episodes of Season 1 (for example, in Come Together Part Three), Steel says "Cowabunga", which is a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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