Morphos Ahead!

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Morphos Ahead
Max Steel Reboot Science Fair
The Science Fair was an event that happened in Copper Canyon High School. It was lead by Dr. Thornhill. There were a lot of science project in that event. The only projects that were seen were Bartholomew 'Butch'sSydney Gardner'sKirby Kowalski's, and Maxwell McGrath's. The Science Fair was so that the students from Copper Canyon High School could get extra credit. The winner of the Science Fair was Maxwell McGrath, because of the Electronic Shoe Warmer (Which was Steel inside of a shoe) that he "made" (Dr. Thornhill thought it was made by him, but it was just Steel hiding inside of the shoe). The Science Fair first appeared in Making the Grade.


The Science Fair was lead by Dr. Thornhill for extra credit. The Science Fair was taken  place somewhere in Copper Canyon High School. This Science Fair appeared once and it was in the school.


  • The Science Fair was fill with a lot of students.
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